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ZG Game Marathon should take place

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The second Zagreb festival dedicated to board games, card games (CG, CCG), miniatures and RPGs will be held on Saturday, September 10e2022, at Studentski Centar in Zagreb

On Saturday September 10e2022, at Studentski Centar (Savska cesta 25) in Zagreb you can reach 2. ZG Game Marathon, Zagreb festival dedicated to board games, card games (CG, CCG), figurines and RPG.

The organizers of the festival are Carta Magica, a company specializing in modern board games and leisure products, and the Masala trading company.

The festival will host a series of all-day gaming tournaments of Yu-Gi-Oh and Flesh and Blood), a large Warcry Tournament and Pathfinder RPG 2nd Edition Little Trouble in Big Absalom. Additionally, the festival’s main sponsor, Carta Magica, provided over 70 board games for casual play.

“Above all, we would like to highlight the great MTG Carta Magica Qualifying Weekend it is also part of the festival; it includes the Dominaria Sealed Regional Qualifier and the Modern Regional Qualifier, with side events and the Command Zone!

In cooperation with the Confucius Institute in Zagreb, we will host the GO Playground with Zvonko Bednjaneccertified educator of the European GO Federation and member of the Croatian association IGO,” the organizers said.

In order to promote the Croatian game development scene, festival visitors will have the opportunity to test Croatian games and meet their developers personally. This year you will be able to meet the talented Luka Krleza and its board games chakra and Chakra Yin Yangand Damir Debanic and Dorian Pavlovic from Rijeka (aka Human Games) and their first board game released in March, In the walls.

“We would also like to announce a small exclusive for our visitors – the promotion of a new game in Croatia – Have a good trip! – a fast and cheerful game with elements of luck, tactics and competition. Players of this game act as tourists who buy various trips from local travel agency, travel and collect good memories. The authors of the game, the spouses Diana and Zarko Pintarare also the founders of the association “Udruga igranje”.

For miniatures enthusiasts, the association of miniaturists, model makers and players of tabletop strategy games “Agramwill present their work. They will demonstrate the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop strategy game throughout the day and promote future activities of the association.

The youngest can join Sanja Ljubicicwhich will guide children through its excellent and fun cooperative card game Giri Games. Slavica Farkaš and Željko Šimeg will present their excellent fairy tale game Čiri-biri bajkaand join the kids to play it.

Goran Dimic – Flo will lead a short RPG adventure for children (and parents) called Ljuti ludi ogar, which takes place in the middle of the kingdom of Slurgonia.

creative YouTubers Dragon Dice are the hosts of the 1st Dungeons & Dragons Tournament (according to the rules of the 5th edition), and the excellent team of Zmajeva Garaza prepared Call of Cthulhu ONE SHOT for all fans of horror and a hilarious event that has already become a tradition – the interactive humanitarian D&D marathon. Anyone can take part in this event – for a small donation, viewers will be able to influence the game by inserting a monster, changing the story, influencing the role play of DM and characters, etc.

If you meet RPG for the first time, don’t worry, Nikola Subicthe author of the booklet Priručnik za pustolove (Adventurer’s Handbook), will guide you through one of the many RPG adventures in his handbook and help you create your own adventurer.

In addition to rising stars, you will also meet famous artists Milivoj Ceranwho will autograph MTG cards and Quirks, and you can buy his excellent prints at the Carte Magica stand.

Participation in the festival has been confirmed by the Peruvian-Croatian company game changer, founded in 2005 with a mission to help clients change the direction of their business by using play as an innovative way of working. Their portfolio has over a hundred international clients from various industries, so if you want to experience their working principles, be sure to visit.

ZG Game Marathon will be held again

Organizer: Carta Magica, Massala
General sponsor: magic card
Media sponsors: Zmajeva Garaza