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Worst place to visit in New York State

New York State is one of the most famous states in the whole country. The main reason for this is New York, as it is not only one of the greatest cities in the world, but it offers an endless amount of activities to do.

People also travel to Niagara Falls for the views and recreational activities, such as the casinos and world-class restaurants. There’s also the Finger Lakes region, which might be the most underrated vacation destination in the entire country.

However, as great as the places in the country are, there are places in New York State that are probably not the most sought-after destinations to visit.

Whether it’s crime or a lack of things to do, there are candidates for it, but one city stands out above the rest.

Located in the state, not too far from the bustling lights of New York, the town of Newburgh is probably the worst place to visit in New York State.

The main reason for this is the disturbing crime that made the town of Newburgh famous for all the wrong reasons.

According to Only In Your State, Newburgh is the most dangerous place in the entire state because you have a 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of crime there. Yes, 1 in 17 chance.

The only plus is that it’s on the Hudson River so there are some great views, but the lack of things to do compared to nearby towns and villages and its troubling crime rate, Newburgh isn’t exactly a place to visit in New York State.

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