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Wirral approves 466 Bromborough homes

Two brownfields could become a neighborhood now that planning applications from Riverside Park and the local authority have been clarified.

The approvals were made at the Wirral Council’s strategic applications subcommittee on Thursday.

The requests focused on two adjacent sites. The first is known as Riverside Park and is off Southwood Road. The park currently has three office buildings, which would be demolished according to plans by developer Riverside Park Ltd.

Pegasus Group submitted the planning application for up to 217 residential units, including apartments, on the site. About 70% of houses would have three or more bedrooms.

Under plans by architect Paddock Johnson Partnership, this 18-acre lot could also have 4,300 square feet of play space.

The proposal also calls for the provision of around 20% affordable housing, pending a vacant mortgage.

Access to the site would be from two new priority intersections on Riverwood Road.

Darren Muir, associate planner at Pegasus, called the approval of Riverside Park’s application “an essential part of Wirral Council’s preferred housing strategy”.

He continued: “As the Wirral local plan review approaches, many more sites like this will need to come forward and demonstrate deliverability.”

Muir said Pegasus was pleased with the results of the planning committee.

“This follows several years of hard work by a large project team,” he said.

“The bid was supported by a design code and master plan prepared by Paddock Johnson and sets the parameters for a truly sustainable new neighborhood,” Muir continued.

“We now look forward to working with the end user through the reserved questions stage to see these homes delivered.”

The combined master plans for the two Bromborough projects were approved at committee on Thursday. Credit: via Pegasus Group

Next to Riverside Park is the former Department of Defense site of similar size. Wirral Council now has permission to go ahead with plans to build 249 houses on the brownfield site, which also housed an oil storage depot in the past. The land has been vacant for 15 years.

Wirral Council’s proposals call for an acre of amenity green space and over half an acre of play area. Stantec, formerly known as Barton Willmore, was the local authority’s planning consultant for development.

Like the Riverside Park program, the project would have 20% of homes designated as affordable. The vast majority of homes would also have three or more bedrooms, according to designs by Aew Architects.

Access to the site would be from two new priority junctions from Old Hall Road, with a third access point from Warren Lane – the road connecting the plot to the Riverside project.

Riverside and the former MoD site would have a buffer zone to the rear of the sites, which would have woodland.

For those interested in learning more about MoD site plans, the application reference number is DPP4/22/01080. Those intrigued by the Riverside program can find out more by using application reference number OUT/20/01881.