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Windy Hill Foundation, A Place to Be and Seven Loaves receive grants from 100WOMENSTRON

Bob Dale, Lara Major, Lopa Shah

This year, 100WomenStrong is giving $475,000 to 42 nonprofits headquartered or providing services in Loudoun County, bringing their total funding to Loudoun County nonprofits to $3,593,391 million since 2009. The group returned to its normal once-a-year grantmaking cycle after pivoting in 2020 to COVID-19 emergency grants. COVID Emergency Grants were designed to meet the immediate essential and emergency needs of Loudoun County residents. During the pandemic, the organization gave more than $760,000 in 10 monthly fundraising rounds and, in addition, created the “Pay it forward“Direct Assistance Loan Program, which continues to provide assistance to area residents to cover basic expenses.

Many 2022 grants from nonprofit organizations support affordable housing initiatives because safe and affordable housing is a component of economic stability, which is one of the key social determinants of health. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), housing instability can include the inability to pay rent, overcrowding, or spending the majority of your income (more than 30%) on housing. These experiences can negatively affect physical and mental health.

“The founding members of 100WomenStrong understood the critical role that safe and stable housing plays in our ability to lead healthy and productive lives, so it is integral to our core mission,” said Kirsten Langhorne, Housing Committee Chair. affordable from 100WomenStrong. “It has been proven that even short-term housing problems can lead to health problems and stress and that people who face chronic homelessness have higher rates of physical and mental health problems than the general public. audience.

“Before the pandemic, we had the ability to fund several shelter-focused programs, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many more of our neighbors to leave stable housing,” Langhorne continued. “It is incumbent on our community to do everything in their power to stabilize housing, as we also know that unstable housing can affect the health of a neighborhood and a community. By focusing this year on mental health and housing, we hope to alleviate some of the pressing issues that many Loudoun County residents are currently facing. We are also very grateful to be able to support the wonderful organizations that are working hard to help our neighbors stay home or find other safe housing solutions.

the 100WomenStrong Grants 2022 are the following:

  • A Less Ordinary Farm – $10,000
  • A place to be – $15,000
  • Bringing Resources to Help Women’s Shelters (BRAWS) – $15,000
  • Capital Caring Health – $7,500
  • Adoption Education and Support Center – $10,000
  • Jobs at the Crossroads – $10,000
  • Dulles South Soup Kitchen – $20,000
  • Every Citizen Has Opportunity (ECHO) – $15,000
  • FAMILY – $10,000
  • Mental Health Friends of Loudoun – $10,500
  • Good Shepherd Covenant – $5,000
  • Health work – $25,000
  • Heel House – $4,000
  • INMED Partnerships for Children – $12,000
  • Insight Memory Care – $10,000
  • JK Community Farm – $6,500
  • Just Neighbors – $10,000
  • Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) – $20,000
  • Leonard W. Kidd American Legion Post 2001 – $10,000
  • Loudoun Cares – $10,000
  • Loudoun Coalition for Women and Girls – $1,000
  • Hunger relief in Loudoun – $15,000
  • Loudoun Literacy Council – $13,000
  • Loudoun Serenity House – $20,000
  • Love, KK – $2,500
  • Mobile Hope – $13,000
  • Northern Virginia Family Service – $10,000
  • Pathway Homes – $10,000
  • Ryan Bartel Foundation – $10,000
  • Northern Virginia SCAN – $13,000
  • Seven Bread Services, Inc. – $15,000
  • Shelter House Inc. – $15,000
  • The Loudoun Arch – $16,000
  • The Chris Atwood Foundation – $6,500
  • The New AG School – $6,000
  • The Fenwick Foundation – $10,000
  • The Stepsisters – $4,000
  • Veterans Go Ahead – $5,000
  • Volunteers from America, Chesapeake and the Carolinas – $12,000
  • Windy Hill Foundation – $7,500
  • Women Give Back – $15,000
  • Youth for Tomorrow – $20,000

John Wolff, treasurer of 100WomenStrong, has been an active member for over six years and has been involved with local nonprofits for over 25 years. Being the Treasurer of 100WomenStrong is one of his favorite roles out of the many he does as a business owner, restaurateur and business owner.

“I’ve enjoyed watching the real impact our grants are having right here in Loudoun County,” Wolff said. “I can see this impact every day through the nonprofit organizations that can help more people in Loudoun County with our funding.

“This year is particularly rewarding as our total funding now exceeds $3,500,000 – an incredible milestone for us and one that we are very proud of,” he continued.

About 100StrongWomen

Formed in 2008, 100WomenStrong is a group of mindful philanthropists who seek to strategically invest in organizations and programs that enrich the lives of Loudoun County residents. They are committed to improving the quality of life for residents of Loudoun County, Virginia through strategic grants to nonprofit organizations working in the areas of housing, health, hunger and poverty. education. Members of 100WomenStrong connect and collaborate to leverage their philanthropic resources as the Loudoun and North Fauquier Counties Community Foundation Fund.

For more information about 100WomenStrong, visit or contact Pam Ray at [email protected]