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Win your seat at Pride

Before you instinctively think, “Oh, the environmental and climate groups I belong to would never be associated with transphobia,” carefully consider who your groups have aligned with through signature letters and other forms. Support. For example, earlier this year, environmental and social justice groups got a nasty surprise after supporting a mining protest camp without looking closely at the anti-transgender environmental group behind it.

Transphobia within the environment and climate justice movements will not be eradicated unless movement leaders make it a priority. It’s a matter of justice, since LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit people – especially those who are BIPOC – are disproportionately affected by climate change and other environmental harm due to long-standing social stigma, lack of secure housing, underemployment and higher poverty rates. .

Rejecting transphobia is also in the interests of environmental and climate justice organizations who want to attract younger participants, which most do. Many more people under the age of 25 identify as LGBTQ than in previous generations. Green groups that wish to remain relevant will need to demonstrate that queer people of all types are not only welcome but valued.

So if I could say one thing to environmental and climate groups about being part of Pride this year, it would be this: please come to Pride and join the celebration, but too be sure to stick around to help out once pride month is over. LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit people need your help — and you need our talent, our creativity, and our energy.