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Will the 26-day season stay in place?

We know that a Survivor 43 is coming to CBS and we’re sure that, at least on some level, we’ll hear more tomorrow night.

Still, you don’t have to wait to get a glimpse of what it will look like – and how certain elements from the past two seasons will stick around. Speaking in a new interview with TV Insider, here’s some of what host/executive producer Jeff Probst had to say about continuing to stick with the 26-day format, as opposed to the 39 days we were so accustomed for so many years:

I will be completely transparent to future players and fans. This new 26-day game centered around limited supplies, no food, and penalties for defeat was not intended as a one-time event. We designed it specifically to give us a new game to play, and we think there are still a lot of layers to this new game that we haven’t even begun to explore.

For example, I found it very telling that we basically played the same game in 42 as we did in 41, with things like funny idol phrases, risk reward perks, and shots in the dark. But because it was with a different group of players, the game was totally different. And I think it will always be because it’s always about the players and the community they form. They dictate the rules. They decide what should be evaluated. And this is directly related to how the game is played. Survivor 42 players played at a breakneck pace from the first seconds. Who knows what the next group of players will do?

There’s another benefit to the shorter season that Probst doesn’t elaborate on here, and that’s simply cost. It’s just cheaper to make a season shorter than to keep the cast and crew there for nearly two more weeks. If they can replicate the experiment in a shorter amount of time, that makes sense! We personally preferred the rigors of a longer season, but we are old school as we assume.

We don’t mind emphasizing the twists, but we would get rid of a few from the last two seasons. For one thing, the immunity idol’s secret codes are terrible, and it reveals who has them to the entire pool of contestants — especially now that viewers have seen it. Plus, the Do or Die twist is awful and turns a game of strategy into a game of chance and challenge. No thanks for that. We’d rather go back to themed seasons than numbers, but that doesn’t seem to be happening either.

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