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Will adult pajamas be a good fit at The Children’s Place?

October 19, 2022

After experiencing success over the past few years selling holiday-themed family pajama sets for Halloween, Christmas and Easter, The place of children has spear PJ Place, a lifestyle brand of sleepwear.

The range, initially available at pjplace.comis aimed at Millennials and Gen Z audiences.

Beyond the “meaningful” opportunity in the growing adult sleepwear category, PJ Place should help introduce Children’s Place to young adults before they become parents.

“We hold a leadership position in the children’s sleepwear industry and over the past few years our adult sleepwear business has grown exponentially,” said Jane Elfers, President and CEO. “While our current adult sleepwear assortment focuses almost exclusively on matching family looks, we recognized we had an opportunity to expand our adult sleepwear assortments to directly appeal to generation customers. Y and Gen Z by introducing new fabrics, silhouettes and a touch of whimsy.”

Children’s Place has tapped a diverse group of celebrities and influencers, including Khloé Kardashian, Being Girls CEO Kris Jenner, Illana Raia and TikTok stars Rod Thill and Erika Priscilla as PJ Place ambassadors.

In recent years, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and other luxury brands have launched children’s clothing lines to support the “Minnie-me” or “Mommy & me” orient oneself. Strings such as Difference and Nordström offer matching outfit sections online.

Social media has also increased the trend of matching outfits. Atlantic wrote in a profile on the trend, “Celebs show off their adorably chic kids to thousands of fans on Instagram and on the red carpet, while average parents can resort to Facebook and holiday cards.”

The overall sleepwear category has also grown in popularity due to pandemic-caused shutdowns and increased remote working which has accelerated the shift to casual attire. In 2021, sales of men’s and women’s sleepwear each nearly doubled, according to NPD.

“The casualization of our wardrobe was already happening before Covid, then it really took off during Covid,” said Maria Rugolo, apparel industry analyst at NPD. CNN. “And now it’s just okay to wear your sleepwear and loungewear, even outside.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Are pajamas enough of an opportunity for The Children’s Place to create a lifestyle brand? What do you think of PJ Place’s approach to the category?


“It’s a great way to resonate with families and kids of all ages and a smart move to add a new stream of income.”