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Who is Prajwal Pandey? A 19-year-old boy who made his way to the British Prime Minister’s Central Committee

Indian-born politician Rishi Sunak, who won the Conservative leadership race, took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) on October 25 after Liz Truss had to resign a few months later having ascended to the highest office.

While Indians are elated after Sunak becomes Prime Minister of the UK, residents of Sindri, Jharkhand are very happy to find one of their sons in Sunak’s 30-member central committee. According to reports, a 19-year-old boy, Prajwal Pandey, has been chosen as a member of the central committee of British Prime Minister Sunak’s campaign team.

Prajwal’s entry into British politics

Prajwal has ties to the town of Sindri in Jharkhand, where he was raised and completed his early education. He has lived in the UK for ten years and joined the Conservative team in 2019 in the UK and was asked to join Sunak’s campaign team earlier this year.

He joined the UK Youth Parliament at 16 with outstanding votes and addressed parliament. Since joining Sunak’s campaign team, he has worked in the communications and outreach division.

He also worked with several senior Sunak politicians and advisers and was in regular contact with ministers and MPs in the UK.

Rajesh Pandey, his father, a software engineer in Britain, said his son highlighted the UK’s income, education, foreign policies and future taxes while working on the team at Sunak, Times Now reported. Sindri villagers are thrilled to see Prajwal’s success at such a young age.

Find out more about Prajwal

He attended King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, Essex to complete his education. He was an excellent student since childhood, especially in mathematics and economics.

In 2019 he was elected Vice-Chair of the Chelmsford Youth Strategy Group. Later in 2020 he was appointed co-chair of the Essex Climate Action Commission.

During his tenure at the Essex Climate Action Commission, he worked with several leaders and prominent figures to develop climate policy.

The villagers claim that every member of his family has been a keen learner, Prajwal being no exception. Prajwal’s mother, Manisha, is a teacher and his sister is pursuing MBBS studies at Cambridge University.

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