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Wavestone: ranked 1st in France for Great Place to Work 2022(R)

For this new edition of the Great Place to Work® survey, 338 companies were assessed: 93 joined the French list of “best places to work” companies. This year, with 86% of employees considering the firm as a Great Place to Work®, Wavestone ranks first among companies with more than 2,500 employees in France.

This first place rewards collaborative work around the HR action plans implemented in recent years by the firm. The objective: to offer a positive experience to all employees. Fanny Rouhet, HR Development Director, explains that “The GPTW adventure started for us seven years ago, just after a lot of work on our HR strategy. Between 2015 and today, we have always been in the Top 5 of the GPTW for France. What explains this result for me is above all our sincere desire to progress and our ability to constantly question ourselves, because nothing is ever just guaranteed. Great Place to Work© is a great opportunity to take a step back and identify areas for improvement. I am also very happy to see Wavestone ranked third in the list of Great Places To Work in Luxembourg. Here is Wavestone’s next challenge:
become and remain a Great Place To Work in all our sites”.

“Congratulations on this fantastic result” comments Jullien Brezun, Managing Director of Great Place to Work© France. “Trust, autonomy and flexibility are at the heart of the experience of Wavestone employees. These results are based on strong managerial know-how and a true collaborative culture. Great Place To Work’ and is based on a process of continuous improvement carried out and animated at all levels of the organization”.

Employees are an integral part of the company’s strategy

Wavestone is convinced that attracting the best talent and making them want to grow with the firm can only be achieved through their active participation within the company’s organization and strategic orientations.

This mindset was at the heart of the creation of the new “Impact” strategic plan. Everyone was able to contribute to the project to define Wavestone’s strategic orientations for the years to come. This resulted, among other things, in “Bridges”, a unifying and global day on September 10, bringing together 3,000 employees in all its geographies to co-construct, through 350 workshops, the company’s objectives and its positioning for tomorrow.

Each employee is also involved in the [email protected] experiment, which aims to radically reinvent working methods beyond the simple face-to-face/remote mix to improve the quality of life at work, life balance but also reduce company’s carbon footprint.

An HR policy based on dynamic career paths and embodied management

The Wavestone HR model relies on Career Development Managers (CDMs), selected within teams to support employees throughout their careers.

In order to ensure effective and harmonized managerial support for all employees, the training of employees in management positions has been continuously enriched and improved since 2018. It is now based on a training program consisting of of 4 modules – salary policy, fundamentals of management, risk management, ordinary sexism – which allows us to share a common vision of our managerial practices and to ensure the same experience for all our employees. In 2021, to meet current challenges, the program was supplemented by workshops around “work/life balance”.

In addition, the HR teams support the CDMs through workshops, discussions or co-development sessions contextualized to the situations of the different teams, to the concrete cases or problems they encounter in order to collectively help the teams move forward on the HR and managerial topics and promote the adoption of best practices in this area.

The Positive Way, one of the pillars of the new “Impact” strategic plan

The result of collaborative work carried out between July and December 2021, the “Impact” strategic plan sets out Wavestone’s medium-term ambitions around three main pillars.

International and Growth, with the acceleration of the growth of international activities and the acquisition of new major international customers.

Expertise and value. The main aspiration of the talents who join Wavestone is to rapidly develop their skills and always bring more value to customers. Wavestone intends to become one of the best training schools for consultants throughout their career.

Finally, the positive path, the values ​​on which Wavestone relies: customer satisfaction and support for sustainable performance, employee development and commitment, responsibility and ethics, a committed and civic-minded company and finally, the spirit collective that is at the heart of the firm’s DNA. These values ​​have been a strong asset within Wavestone since its creation and represent a major lever for attracting and retaining talent.

These values ​​are also essential to meet the challenge of international growth and the acceleration of acquisitions and to remain a long-term company where it is good to work.

About the Great Place to Work® Institute

Since 1992 and in 50 countries, the Great Place to Work® Institute has supported companies by helping them to sustainably transform their work environment through three methods: diagnosis (employee survey and analysis of managerial practices), advice and training . Every year, it publishes the list of companies where it is good to work, in partnership with the Figaro Economie.

More information available on // @GPTW_FRANCE

About Wavestone

In a world where knowing how to transform is the key to success, Wavestone’s mission is to enlighten and support large organizations in their most critical transformations with the ambition of making them positive for all stakeholders. An ambition rooted in the firm’s DNA and summed up by the slogan “The Positive Way”.

Wavestone brings together more than 3,000 employees in 9 countries. It is one of the leading independent consulting firms in Europe.

Wavestone is listed on Euronext in Paris and certified Great Place To Work®.

More information available at // @wavestoneFR