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Too expensive? Saints Row is a better place to succeed than the Last of Us!

While The Last of Us remake was pretty early on, it helped a lot in getting the top spot on the sales charts in Britain, among other places. Sony may have hoped for the wave of success. At least that’s what an article by author and industry insider Christopher Dring suggests.

Number One with a slap on the head.

Dring, who works for industry magazine, recently mentioned it on Twitter. Apparently, The Last of Us Remakes number one in the sales chart. This is apparently the position of the boxed versions where the downloadable versions of the respective games are not considered. In fact, things were really interesting in his contribution to the position. So the remake couldn’t win the competition just if it was the right one.

It sold half as many copies as the Saints Row rerun last week. Unknown concrete numbers are known, but the big hype has yet to materialize.

Is it the high cost that prevents the triumphal march?

The question is also why sales are lower than the reboot of Saints Row. This may have a serious problem with Sony’s pricing policy, which has already been criticized in advance. After all, between 70 and 80 euros will be provided for the remake of The Last of Us Part one (buy now 147.89), depending on the seller.

The Last of us, part 1 with the PS5 for 31 instead of 80 euros, and a savings pack with a Sony PS5 controller.

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Like PC games, they are popular, especially with readers.

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An accusation emerged as Sony and the developers had one eye on making a quick buck, as quickly as it seemed the famed Naughty Dog had denied it. Nevertheless, the high price might discourage some interested players from buying it. That would at least explain the current situation. Perhaps fans should now go the digital route with this title.

People: Christopher praises Twitter.