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There’s no place like home – J.

Adar I, 5782

February 1-March 2, 2022

The difficulties of the Jewish calendar during this leap year come to a head during Adar I, which begins on February 1 with a new moon in Aquarius/D’li, and ends on March 3, when the new moon in Pisces/Dagim solves this problem. long overlap of the Hebrew months with the solar months of the secular calendar. Adar I is an extra month, added seven years out of 19 to resolve the solar/lunar gap. Without it, the Jewish calendar would become detached from the seasons.

All regular 12 months of the year have their tribal ruler – 12 tribes, 12 months. So, who is the tribal chief of this 13th month? It is Joseph himself, the hidden Tzadikor just, while the Hebrew letter Tzadi is the Hebrew letter associated with Aquarius, the sign of the Jewish people and through which the sun transits for most of this month. “Yosef”, its Hebrew name, means to add – and Adar I is the added month.

Mercury/Kochav joins Pluto on February 11, bringing powerful words that can heal — or destroy. Venus/Noga’s conjunction with Mars/Ma’adim on February 16 with the full moon in Leo/Aryeh unveils the secret of Purim Katan, the small slice of Purim that precedes the full holiday in Adar II. We can connect in the deepest, most intimate way – and doing so en masse can era-level, as Jupiter/Tzedek sextiles Uranus/Oron and the Sun enters Pisces on February 17-18.

The last quarter moon in Sagittarius/Keshet on February 23 is followed by Mars and Venus sextile Neptune/Rahav, and Mercury square Uranus and Chiron sextile the asteroid on the 24th. This powerful cluster of planetary energies manifests as Yosef in Egypt: great revealing truths are spoken that heal hearts and change relationships.

As Yosef asked for his bones to be brought home when the Israelites were redeemed, Adar I adds our voice to Yosef’s. Our bones ache for redemption. We want to go home.

Aries / Taleh

Planetary ruler Mars/Ma’adim in Capricorn/Gidi cares about your public image. Mars sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek with the Moon in Aries on February 4, expanding your reputation. Mars square Wounded healer Chiron in Aries on February 6 energizes empathy for vulnerability – both your own and that of others. Mars trines Neptune/Rahav in Taurus/Shor’s first quarter moon on February 8, boosting your value, financial and otherwise, in the eyes of decision makers. Venus/Noga and Mars conjunct full moon in Leo/Aryeh on February 16; it’s Purim Katan, during which the mysteries of love are unveiled!

Bull / Shor

The Taurus First Quarter Moon on February 8 illuminates your path so you can see if you’re still heading in the right direction. Venus/Noga and Mars/Ma’adim conjunct the full moon in Leo/Aryeh on February 16. Romantic relationships with strong spiritual aspects overshadow all others. Who and what makes you feel at home right now? Trusted friends play an especially important role right now. With growing uncertainty in the outside world, your sense of equanimity can be restored and rebalanced by connecting with those who have proven themselves to be steadfast over the long term.

Gemini / T’omim

Mercury/Kochav stations direct on February 3 and re-enter Aquarius/D’li on February 14. You are ready to upgrade your intimate relationships to include the spiritual realms now that you have laid the foundation of trust and shared values. The deepest truths emerge when Mercury conjuncts Pluto on February 11. Issues of power and control are brought to light. Mercury places Uranus/Oron and sextile Chiron on February 24. Startling revelations have healing properties! The biggest surprise may be March 2 when Mercury conjuncts Saturn/Shabbatai to the new moon in Pisces/Dagim; you are in the spotlight, praised to mature your responsibility.

Cancer / Sartan

You will go to the moon and back, no pun intended! – for a friend, what you might find yourself doing on the Aquarius/D’li new moon on Feb. 1. The first quarter moon in Taurus/Shor on February 8 solidifies this commitment. The full moon in Leo/Aryeh with the Venus/Noga conjunction and Mars/Ma’adim in Capricorn/Gidi on February 16 is richly romantic, calling for signs of devotion such as crowns, thrones, or deeds in your name. . Don’t underestimate yourself! You are restless and ready to race the last quarter moon in Sagittarius/Keshet on February 23; the new moon in Pisces/Dagim on March 2 engenders service-oriented sacrificial love.

Leo / Aryeh

The Sun is conjunct Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius/D’li on February 4th. Who plays the sage in your emotional drama? Is it you or your partner, or do you take turns? One or the other will play the rebel, the other the authority. Switch costumes with each other to avoid bringing down the curtain. Sun enters Pisces/Dagim on February 18; you are preoccupied with the commonalities in your most intimate partnerships and the urge to merge is strong. The Sun sextiles Uranus/Oron to the Pisces new moon on March 2; appreciate your uniqueness and that of your partner. Both stars can shine!

Virgo / Betulah

Mercury/Kochav stations direct on February 3 and re-enter Aquarius/D’li on February 14. Matters of the heart merge with practical concerns; First Quarter Moon in Taurus/Shor February 8 refocuses on the central spiritual connection between you and your loved one. Your words have the power to hurt or heal on February 11 when Mercury conjuncts Pluto. The Sun in Pisces/Dagim on February 18 heightens compassion and helps mitigate inner criticism. Mercury conjunct Saturn/Shabbatai on March 2 on the Pisces new moon reminds you that your physical health is linked to your emotional well-being. Love is taking care of yourself.

Libra / Moznayim

Venus/Noga conjunct Mars/Ma’adim in Capricorn/Gidi at the full moon in Leo/Aryeh February 16 is also Shushan Purim Katan (the day after Purim Katan, which itself is a small preview of Purim a month earlier , a unique event characteristic of Hebrew leap years); for you it is divine mercy revealed by the hidden hand of God in the area of ​​home and family. Tackle your own health issues head-on February 18-21. Seek communicative clarity around these issues so that there is no confusion. Venus sextile Neptune/Rahav on February 24 exponentially increases empathetic compassion; pay close attention to staying balanced and meeting your own pressing needs as well as those of others. God shows grace to the benevolent.


The new moon in Aquarius/D’li on February 1 boosts family values ​​in a big way. Mars/Ma’adim sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek with the Sun conjunct Saturn/Shabbatai on February 4; you are strongly obligated to be the adult in the room. Try not to take responsibility for others; they have to develop it themselves. Mars sextile Neptune/Rahav to the first quarter moon in Taurus/Shor on February 8; allow yourself to be vulnerable and find both comfort and joy. Venus/Noga joins Mars at the full moon in Leo/Aryeh on February 16; you find opportunities for eloquence in the languages ​​of love.

Sagittarius / Keshet

Mars/Ma’adim sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek on February 4, energizing questions of family needs and community resources. As a general rule, the universe is generous to you as a reflection of your own natural generosity. Jupiter sextiles Uranus/Oron on February 17, initiating unusual and unique forms of sacrificial service. You don’t have to prove your goodness! Find an outlet for restless energy that best suits your style. The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on February 23 sees the resolution of tension building up for too long. Find a safe person to confide in and a healthy way to vent.

Capricorn / Gidi

Ancestral truth and ancestral trauma often follow parallel paths. You find some of both this month, with the sun conjunct Saturn/Shabbatai on February 4. Repeated trauma creates psychic indentations that you would like to reshape. Forging new, healthier paths is hard work. Respect your own limits; although you have remarkable stamina, give yourself a chance to refresh and renew yourself this month. Sleep deeply. You have to ruminate on all the information you have ingested, both physically and psychologically. Mercury/Kochav conjunct Saturn on March 2, and this will help you open your lips to speak your own truth.

Aquarius / D’li

The new moon in Aquarius on February 1 kicks off a month of serious reflection on your role in the larger social structure. The sun and Saturn/Shabbatai are conjunct on February 4, prompting an examination of your civic responsibilities. Leadership qualities shine when Mercury/Kohav re-enters Aquarius on February 14; the sextile of Jupiter/Tzedek to Uranus/Oron on February 17 puts a favorable spin on your public persona. Be careful not to shock others just because you can when Mercury squares Uranus on February 24. The Sun’s sextile to Uranus on March 2 reinforces your unique individuality.

Pisces / Dagim

Lucky Pisces! You get two Adar this year; with Jupiter/Tzedek and Neptune/Rahav in Pisces, it really is your time right now. Mars/Ma’adim trines Neptune on February 8, energizing your efforts to realize your ideas. Things are flowing your way when the sun enters Pisces on February 18. Mars and Venus/Noga sextile Neptune on February 23 and 24, garnering support from friends and colleagues for your initiatives. March 2 is a powerful day with a new moon in Pisces, Mercury/Kochav conjunct Saturn/Shabbatai and solar sextile Uranus/Oron. Flexibility is your great strength; malleability is your superpower. Use them wisely.