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The twins leave Chicago with a win and tie for first place heading to New York

CHICAGO — When Carlos Correa hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning and Jose Miranda hit a two-run double in the ninth, there was only one explanation why only the Puerto Ricans were responsible for all the RBIs of the Twins in a 5-1 win Sunday at the White Sox.

It was the Daddy Yankee effect, of course.

“I mean, when you think of it that way,” Miranda mused of puerto rican rapper, who is a global superstar of Spanish music. “It’s pretty cool. He was there, and we did it. So it’s fun. Maybe we did it for him.”

The victory was necessary, because most are one month from the end of the season. The Twins (68-64) had given up the first two games of the series in a wacky way: a no-hitter loss and a near-no-hitter. Winning on Sunday left them with a two-game lead over the White Sox 67-67 in American League Central. And with Cleveland losing 6-3 in 11 innings to Seattle, the Twins are once again tied for first in the division with the Guardians.

And it’s all thanks to Daddy Yankee, who stopped by Guaranteed Rate Field ahead of his Sunday night concert in the Chicago area. Well, to be fair, the Twins also played “clean” and “beautiful all-around” baseball, according to Correa, which helped.

After having just one hit on Saturday against Dylan Cease, the Twins had six on Sunday starter Lucas Giolito, including Correa’s game-breaking home run. The Twins beat the White Sox 12-7. Beyond contributions from Correa and Miranda, Max Kepler scored the other run, on a wild pitch in the eighth inning.

The Twins’ throw was equally impressive. Winner Dylan Bundy (8-6) threw for 71 percent of his 66 pitches and five innings, allowing just two hits and a walk with four strikeouts. He held the White Sox scoreless, and it wasn’t until Michael Fulmer came on for the seventh that Chicago threatened to make a comeback.

Fulmer allowed a double, a single and an RBI double, all with one out, making it 2-1. And that forced Twins manager Rocco Baldelli to bring in top reliever Jhoan Duran. With runners in second and third, Duran deftly handled a tight bunt, powering on receiver Gary Sanchez for the home game, before pulling Romy Gonzalez out.

“I like going into those moments, not the pressure, but the fans. You know they’re against you, and everyone in the stadium is against you. I use that as motivation,” Duran said in Spanish through an interpreter. “It’s a positive thing for me. It helps my mindset, how can I attack hitters, all that stuff.”

Correa said Duran, 24 – who regularly throws over 100mph, even on non-fastballs – is “at the top of the game right now” and named him one of the most elite arms in the game. MLB, alongside the Mets. reliever Edwin Diaz.

Duran is Dominican and he too enjoyed the rare opportunity before the game to meet Daddy Yankee, whom he called a legend of Latin culture. The 45-year-old rapper actually tried out for the Mariners once before focusing on music, and now he’s sold around 20 million records, including big hits like 2004’s.”Essence“and 2017”Despacito.”

These songs have surely been on the Twins’ clubhouse and warm-up playlists at various times this season. And the man himself made an actual appearance at the Twins clubhouse on Sunday, as Miranda showed him around and introduced him to Baldelli. Baldelli said he was familiar with Daddy Yankee’s music but became a real fan on Sunday after realizing what a kind and nice guy he was.

Miranda was especially thrilled that Daddy Yankee knew who he was, even mentioning some of his stats to him. And that may not be where the influence of the King of Reggaeton on the Twins ends.

He didn’t choose his stage name because he’s a fan of a certain powerhouse big market team, the Twins, who start a four-game series on Monday. It’s actually Puerto Rican slang for “big shot”.

And the Twins will definitely need a lot against the Yankees.

“Ooh, maybe,” Correa said of the now-team lucky performer. “I’m going to have to text her and tell her to go to New York with us.”