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The Flourish campaign sees organizations commit to making Norfolk a better place for children and young people

August 31, 2022

A dance company run by a 31-year-old Yarmouth woman who lost her hand in a car accident is one of more than 150 organizations committed to improving the lives of children and young people in Norfolk.

The Norfolk Children and Young People Strategic Alliance (CYPSA) officially launched the Flourishing in Norfolk Strategy and Flourish Pledge at an event in May attended by representatives from over 25 county organisations.

Over 150 pledges have been made since launch from a mix of city departments, schools, voluntary sector providers and businesses with many more pledges to come.

One of the pledges came from Morgan’s Academy of Dance in Great Yarmouth which was set up by Jade Morgan after she lost her hand in a car crash on the A47 on her way home from work in 2016. Jade says that she actively demonstrates that anyone, from all walks of life, can express themselves and improve their well-being through dance, and she is particularly focused on building confidence.

The Morgan Academy of Dance is committed to assisting and encouraging the growth of children through to adults in the performing arts and wellness. They build confidence, technique, and create a fun, friendly environment that all young children and adults can play in.

She started her dance school at the start of the pandemic and is now rebuilding after two difficult years. She teaches children from two to adult and covers a range of dance styles including ballet, tap, acro and street dancing.

Jade said:

“A lot of children who come to us don’t have much self-confidence and haven’t always felt like they fit in with other schools. I want to show them that you can have confidence in your body, have a good time and make friends through dancing.

“I really wanted to make a fulfillment promise because I want every child I teach to thrive, have opportunities to learn, and feel understood.

“We recently had our first performance at Martham Fun Day, and the parents were so surprised at how well their children were doing and how much their confidence and self-esteem had increased.”

Sara Tough, Executive Director of Children’s Services for Norfolk County Council, said:

“We know Norfolk is a great place to grow up and we want it to be a county where every child and young person can thrive. Seeing so many organizations pledging has been fantastic and hopefully a sign of things to come as the message spreads all over the county.

“Jade is one of those people who turned a life-changing situation into something totally positive, so we’re thrilled to have her and her dance school on board. Hope the story de Jade, among others, will encourage more groups to sign up”.

Anyone from schools and colleges to small community groups and venues, businesses, charities, local councils, leisure and tourism providers, small teams within large organisations, are welcome to register for make a Flourish commitment. Pledges can include supporting young people’s careers, involving young people in decision-making, or providing new activities or opportunities.

Registration is free, support is available to help organizations plan and deliver their pledge, and a colorful Flourish Pledge badge is available for attendees to display and use in their signage, online presence, and printed materials. .

You can get more ideas and information about the Flourish Pledge and the Flourishing in Norfolk strategy at or by emailing [email protected]

To see Flourish Pledges made by organizations across Norfolk follow #florishledge on Twitter.

A group of students from Morgan's Academy of Dance