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The Esperance Wildflower Festival celebrating the region’s carnivorous plants will take place next week

The Esperance Wildflower Festival, with more than 700 species on display, begins on Tuesday to celebrate the region’s diverse flora.

The 2022 festival is a celebration of the three carnivorous plant genera found in the Esperance region: Drosera, Utricularia and Aldrovanda.

Along with the display of plants collected and curated by members of the Esperance Wildflower Society, a full program of events and activities will take place over five days.

The grand opening begins at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday at Esperance Civic Center with a special performance by Stars Foundation students from Esperance Senior High School.

Locals and visitors alike are invited to take part in the packed program of information sessions, walking tours, art lessons and children’s activities.

Presentations will be given by guest speakers Thilo Krueger, Dr Laura Skates, Professor Hans Lambers, Yann Toussaint and Katie White.

Giant carnivorous plant sculptures created by Mylene van Heijster and Naomi Stanitizki in collaboration with 60 community members over three months will be displayed at the Esperance Community Arts Space.

Wudjari rangers from the Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation will lead country walks to two important locations – Taneneditji (Dempster Head) and Kepwari Wetlands (Lake Wheatfield).

Reservations are essential to take part in the country walks with the Tjaltjraak Rangers which start at 9am Tuesday to Friday.

The Anglican parish will also run the Wildflower Cafe for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and the church and hall will once again host the community art exhibition.

Jennifer Pearson from the Australian Association for Environmental Education, botanist Kelsey Tucker and artists-in-residence Perdita Phillips and Yann Toussaint will lead a range of children-only activities.

Saturday morning, Katie White, botanist and artist from Caladenia Co, presents a workshop on botanical drawing.

Ms. White will help participants better understand floral structures as a strategy for improving botanical illustration techniques.

An organizing committee made up of representatives from the Esperance Wildflower Society, Esperance Community Arts and the Anglican parish has taken responsibility for planning and coordinating the festival since 2019.

The festival program can be found here and event bookings can be made here.