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‘The Boys’ jumped to No. 2 on streaming charts in June

via Prime Video

Amazon’s hit series The boys climbed the rankings alongside big players in the Nielsen Streaming Rankings the same week Marvel premiered its latest Disney Plus series, but none took the top spot.

According to Nielsen streaming ratings cited by The Hollywood Reporter, The boys was the second most-streamed show between the June 6 and June 12 dates. Taking the top spot during this time was none other than the Netflix original goliath series stranger things after launching the first part of season four on those dates.

In total, stranger things attracted viewers for more than 4.23 billion minutes collectively during this period, a number more than dwarf The boys’ still impressive audience of 919 million.

Ms. Marvel premiered with just 249 million minutes watched during that time, taking 10th place on the list, falling short of many Netflix Originals and even another Disney Plus series. Obi Wan Kenobi was the most successful show on Disney Plus during that time, garnering 682 million minutes watched and ranking fifth overall.

If it is not surprising that stranger things reigned supreme, it’s made all the more impressive considering the show’s episode drop came the week before. It should be noted that due to these rankings based on minutes watched, the drop of several long episodes skews things in favor of the Netflix original series.

This also worked in favor of The boys which dropped episodes three days before the rating period. Whereas Ms. Marvel perhaps only ranked tenth, the show only dropped one episode when it premiered on Disney Plus, hampering its ability to manage minutes watched.

Despite this, it is impressive to see the success of The boys as he took a well-deserved spot at the top of the leaderboard for his comeback.