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Tetris ranked 10th in its first ranking on the J-POP charts of Indonesian FM radio “DJFM”

“Tetris” is the first single from WITHDOM’s new mini album titled “JUK3BOX”. This album was released on April 27 of this year. This song has a trendy rhythm and style that is composed with a limited number of sounds. This edgy, cool, minimalist sound is perfect for dancing. Moreover, the lyrics of the song paint a unique portrait of human beings and listeners loved it.

This song has been chosen as the song for official playlists on major streaming sites including Spotify and Apple Music in Japan and is attracting so much attention.

The song “Tetris” is now popular all over the world, and the song was broadcast on an Indonesian FM station called DJFM as a “J-POP power play song” every day. DJFM is the FM radio station of Surabaya in Indonesia and the song is featured in the “JK-POP” program which specially features popular J-POP and K-POP.

WITHDOM’s “Tetris” ranked No. 10 on the weekly DJFM J-POP charts on Saturday, June 11. WITHDOM was lined up alongside other popular Japanese artists including EXILE TRIBE’S GENERATIONS, Kenshi Yonezu, Fujii Kaze and Aimer.

A song from their full album titled “Synergy”, which was released digitally in 2021, won first place in 18 categories on the iTunes Store.

This mega album became the talk of the town and they were invited to many TV programs, including popular music programs broadcast all over Japan. Their song was named a weather theme song for a news program.

They also reached No. 1 on a popular music program’s music video chart. They enjoyed the songs’ popularity in various media in Japan.

Their success began when Boyz II Men introduced the world to the cover of WITHDOM’s “On Bended Knee” on their Instagram page. Boyz II Men is a Grammy-winning global group. It had a huge impact on them when Boyz II Men recognized their talent.

They officially released a cover of YOASOBI’s “Gunjo” last November. YOASOBI is a Japanese music duo that enjoys worldwide popularity. This exciting news from their cover has gone around the world, including Southeast Asia, China, Brazil and the United States. WITHDOM is attracting more and more attention from all over the world.

WITHDOM has been recognized for its excellent vocal talent not only in Japan but also by artists around the world. This led them to a successful result entering the top 10 of the Indonesian FM radio station’s J-POP charts.

The music video for their latest song “Tetris” creates a unique world that almost looks like scenes from a movie. The WITHDOM members showed off their excellent acting skills in the video. They showed the breakdown, struggle and pain that can come with relationships. Each member successfully showed their feelings with their facial expressions and acting, and it matched the feeling of the song perfectly. The theme of the song was well expressed and the video received huge applause for being an artwork.

The music video for “Tetris” has subtitles in languages ​​such as Indonesian, Javanese, French, Portuguese, Thai and this song has been shared with the world outside of Japan.

WITHDOM is good at making beautiful ballads and love songs as a vocal group and they have a lot of fans.

With this new song “Tetris”, they demonstrate a totally different approach compared to the songs they have done in the past. The lyrics and the music video are so different. Especially for their music video, they focused on turning a world of lyrics into a work of art.

WITHDOM was formed in Kyoto, Japan in 2017 and was appointed Kyoto Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto City until recently.

The leader of the group is SMOOTH who is the brain of WITHDOM and plays a very important role.

Roy is a singer and an actor. As a singer, he was recognized for the high quality of his great expressions in his voice. He made his acting debut last year and surprisingly has starred in three totally different roles.

Ryo is the lead singer of WITHDOM and his own personal YouTube channel has racked up over 32 million views.

SHVNYA does both chorus and rap. He became No. 1 in karate when he was in college. He stands out and does a brilliant job as a vocalist even though his primary role in the group is as a rapper.

WITHDOM is a very unique vocal performance group. Since they have a rapper who can also do the chorus, their songs can have a wider variety of sounds. Their voice work has many different expressions including wildness, coolness and sweetness as it wraps around you. They are able to work from classic ballads to the latest modern sounds. Their great understanding of music has attracted so much attention from the world.

Their business is expanding worldwide beyond Japan. We are thrilled to continue to follow their incredible journey.

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