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Taylor Swift’s ‘Cornelia Street house’ is up for rent in New York City

Swifties rejoice – a famous house where superstar music icon Taylor Swift once lived is now open to the public for rent.

But at a cost.

The stunning four-bedroom, seven-bathroom townhouse is available for a whopping $45,000 a month in Manhattan. However, there’s a reason behind it, and it’s a good one: The residency inspired the song “Cornelia Street,” which features on her 2019 album “Lover.”

“Yes, this is the house the song built,” the house listing on reads. “Famous as the sole residence of superstar Taylor Swift, built in 1870 as a coach house and transformed into a spectacular home with a modernist twist with a celebrity-tested garage and swimming pool, nestled in the heart of the West Village.”

Swift’s lyrics Literally match the house, as fans already know:

“We were in the back,

Drunk on something stronger than drinks from the bar

“I rent a place on Cornelia Street”

I say casually in the car.

Previous owner David Aldea owned the house at the time and rented it to Swift in 2016, Vulture reported. Funny thing? He didn’t know who she was at first.

“I’m afraid to tell you this, but I’ll tell you this: I really didn’t know her,” Aldea told Vulture. “I’m just not a pop culture guy, and I even said to someone, ‘I’m meeting a person named Taylor Swift who wants to rent my house. Now look, I knew his songs because I had them on my current playlist. I just didn’t match the name to the song. I know, it’s silly.

The 5,500 square foot residence has some pretty stylish features that match its listing price, including:

The list is owned by Laurence Carty, Irene Lo and Jennifer Rahilly.

The singer-songwriter has dominated the headlines — and the charts — in recent weeks with the release of “Midnights,” the anticipated 10th studio album, released in October.

This story was originally published November 22, 2022 11:48 a.m.

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