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Ski team takes second place at first Dartmouth Carnival in three years

Dartmouth’s early years led the way, scoring nearly 40% of the Big Green’s 797 points.

by Jason Norris | 02/14/22 02:10

Source: Courtesy of Steve Fuller

This weekend, the Dartmouth Ski Team hit the slopes and trails to take part in the Dartmouth Carnival right here in Hanover and Lyme. The Big Green placed second in its only home carnival of the season with 797 points, narrowly edging the University of New Hampshire’s 796 points but trailing the University of Vermont’s 951 points. The Big Green have placed second in each of the team’s four carnivals this season.

On day one of the two-day event, the Big Green found success on the trails at Oak Hill Touring Center, leaving the day in first place after winning performances from the Nordic team. Freshman Luke Allan ’25 led the Big Green in the men’s 10k classic with a time of 28:43.6, placing second overall and earning 47 points at the Big Green. Rounding out Dartmouth’s men’s tally, Wally Magill ’25 finished with a time of 28:53.7 for fourth overall and Cameron Wolfe ’23 placed seventh with a time of 29:11.7.

On the women’s side, Jasmine Drolet ’25 won the 5k classic with a time of 16:06.4, earning 50 points for the Big Green. Garvee Tobin ’24 earned a 4th place finish for the Big Green, but entered the race as an individual and therefore did not contribute to the team score. Dartmouth’s next skier was Rena Schwartz (22), who finished just over a minute behind Drolet in a time of 17:13.3 for fifth place. Meanwhile, captain Callie Young ’22 placed ninth, with a time of 17:23.7. With first-place finishes in both the men’s (123 points) and women’s (124 points) Big Greens led the day with 247 points.

“Everyone on the team thought it was our home run, and we know that better than anyone,” Young said. “It’s kind of a unique course; there are a lot of transitions and we spent our Wednesday training getting to know the course and coming up with a good plan… It’s a 5k so it was super short so we focused on letting it all go out there and go as hard as you can.

On the second day of the Carnival, the Big Green Nordic team competed at Oak Hill for the 10km freestyle while the Alpine group tackled the slalom. Due to issues with the giant slalom course, the event was canceled and regular slalom scores counted as double points.

Back on the Oak Hill trails, Drolet once again led Dartmouth with second place (32:07.3), while Young improved the day before to fourth (33:20.7). Schwartz was right behind her in fifth place with a time of 33:20.2. The women scored a total of 127 points in the event. Although she considers herself more of a short-distance skier, Young attributed her improvement on Saturday in part to her skiing experience in Vermont.

“Conditions were a bit sloppy, and I think being from the East, anyone from the East is good enough to ski in sloppy conditions, so that’s a bit of an advantage,” Young said. . “It was such a fun weekend and even though the weather was above zero both days the vibes were out of this world. It was great to be in front of the home crowd and everyone who came out was awesome.

On the men’s side, Allan built on his day one success to win the 10km freestyle in 26:07.5, edging Middlebury College’s Peter Wolter by just 3.2 seconds. Magill finished fifth with a time of 26:38.5 and Wolfe placed 17th with a time of 28:17.5. Allan, who was the first skier on the course on Saturday due to the individual start structure, knew he had an advantage going first on fresh snow.

“Saturday we knew it was going to heat up throughout the day and I was the very first start,” Allan said. “I was just skiing my own race [because] I wasn’t going to see anyone else on the course. I was just trying to ski hard and smooth because it was going to slow down throughout the day, so I wanted to keep my technique efficient.

On the slopes, fifth-year Kalle Wagner ’21 led the Dartmouth men with a second-place finish in the slalom. In his first run, Wagner clocked the fastest time of the day with a time of 48.78 and was the only skier to break the 49-second mark. Freshman year Oliver Morgan ’25, a Hannover native who grew up skiing the Dartmouth ski slope and watching the Dartmouth Carnival, also made the top 10.

“I grew up on the ski slope, my dad was on the Dartmouth ski team [as an] ’86 and I’ve been here my whole life, so I’ve watched pretty much every carnival,” Morgan said. “If I wanted to do just one race this year, it would be the Dartmouth Carnival. My brother was racing for Colby and it was fun to be at the start and get to know everyone on the hill.

With Morgan, Drolet, Allan and Magill all scoring for Dartmouth in their trials, the early years paved the way for the Big Green. Together, the rookie crew scored a total of 307 of Dartmouth’s 797 points.

“This fall, I was really impressed by the difficulty [they] worked all fall and how well they’ve integrated into the team, so it was really exciting to see them crush this winter,” Young said. “It’s really powerful to have those early years on the team and push everyone on the team, even the older skiers. I’m really excited for them and we’re lucky to have them.

With just under a month until the NCAA Championships in Utah, the Big Greens are gearing up for two more big weekends before the culminating races. Next weekend the team will travel to Middlebury, Vermont to participate in the Middlebury Carnival. The following weekend, the team will face the UNH Carnival, its last before the NCAA. With another Dartmouth Carnival on the books, the team is looking to maintain momentum.

“We really have a good team culture this year,” Allan said. “In training, everyone is motivated to let go of whatever is going on in their life and focus on training and everyone is uplifted by that.”