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Sioux Falls Building Permits Break Records Thanks to Cherapa Place

Building permit data keep breaking recordswith the total value of permits issued reaching $1.77 billion, a 93.2% increase over the same period last year, according to data from the City of Sioux Falls.

The city of Sioux Falls hit $1 billion in permit valuation for the first time in November 2021, and the city had already surpassed $1 billion for 2022 in July. By the end of October, more than 10,300 building permits had been issued, up from 6,384 last October.

Here is a breakdown of building permits from this year to date. The following data comes from the City of Sioux Falls.

Total value of permits issued

  • New residential, $231.6 million (vs. $272.2 million in October 2021)
  • Additions and renovations to residences, $123.6 million (compared to $61.5 million last year)
  • New commercial, $1.09 million (vs. $343.8 million last year)
  • Commercial addition and renovation, $326 million (vs. $240.3 million last year)

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New business permits topped $1.09 billion in updated numbers from October. That’s up from $343.8 million this time last year, and it’s not the only area where the city is seeing an increase.

Other commercial areas – such as strip malls, hotels and restaurants – have also seen dramatic increases, with figures showing more than $305 million spent, up from $36 million last October. Commercial, institutional and educational buildings also increased to $228.2 million from $43.3 million in October 2021.

Top 10 projects this year

  1. Water Reclamation Facility, $170.5 million
  2. Sanford Surgical Tower Expansion, $90 million
  3. Airport parking ramp, $62.6 million
  4. Cherapa II, $49.5 million
  5. Canopy by Hilton, $46.9 million
  6. Cherapa IV, $45.3 million
  7. Alloy One storage warehouse, $45 million
  8. Powderhaus Apartments, $43.8 million
  9. Sage Meadow Apartments and Townhouses, $42.9 million
  10. Sanford parking ramp and office, $41 million
Construction is progressing in the Sioux Steel District Thursday, June 30, 2022 in Sioux Falls.

The apartments topped new commercial building permits with an assessment of over $470.8 million. This has been evidenced by larger projects, such as Cherapa Square.

Top apartment projects

  1. Cherapa IV, $45.3 million
  2. Cherapa III, $37.69 million
  3. Sage Meadow apartments and townhouses, $35 million
  4. Sioux Steel Parking Ramp, $20.9 million
  5. Parkwood Apartments, $17.5 million
  6. Blu Lake, $17 million
  7. Millstone Apartments, $15.1 million
  8. Stadium Crossing apartments, $10.5 million
  9. Powderhaus Apartments, $9.68 million
  10. Powderhaus Apartments, $9.68 million
Construction workers build a multi-family apartment building on Tuesday, October 18.  The building is part of the Stadium Crossing development on 69th and Cliff in Sioux Falls.

As new business numbers continue to top records, the number of single-family units is down from last year at 612, down from 782 in October 2021. But, there was a strong 104% increase in multi-family units, with 3,255 units planned. in the city.

There were also 74 placements in new manufactured housing, compared to 49 last year.

New Residential

  • Single-family units, 612 (compared to 782 last October)
  • Duplex units, 0 (instead of 4)
  • Townhouse units, 388 (instead of 414)
  • Multiple family units, 3,255 (instead of 1,595).