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She-Hulk Exists In A Surprising Place In The MCU’s Timeline

The updated Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline reveals that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is happening sooner than expected.

Disney+ just confirmed She-Hulk: Lawyerthe surprising position of in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

The streaming service recently updated its chronological list of MCU projects to include She-Hulk as well as other new additions to the franchise. In doing so, Disney+ revealed that She-Hulk takes place earlier in the MCU timeline than fans might expect. The show’s story apparently takes place before Ms. Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder and night werewolfbut after Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Hawk Eye and Moon Knight. Spider-Man: No Coming Home is not included in the timeline due to rights issues, however, this film’s previously established narrative proximity to Hawk Eye indicates that it takes place before She-Hulkas well.

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As the updated MCU timeline clarifies She-Hulk: LawyerThe MCU’s overall place within the MCU also raises questions about the length of the show itself. The series explicitly overlaps the events of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsbecause Wong’s cage fight with Abomination in this movie is a key plot point in She-Hulk Episodes 2 and 3. So, She-HulkThe placement of on the MCU timeline seems to indicate that the show’s nine-episode run actually takes place over several weeks, if not months. However, Marvel Studios has yet to officially confirm that this is the case.

She-Hulk’s Many Connections to the Wider MCU

It doesn’t matter when exactly She-Hulk: Lawyer takes place (and for how long), the Disney+ series has already firmly entrenched itself in the MCU canon. In addition to reminders to Eternals‘Heavenly at sea and the return of The Incredible Hulkby Emil Blonsky/Abomination, She-Hulk also marks the first time Charlie Cox has dressed up as Daredevil since the cancellation of the Netflix series of the same name. Cox also appears as Daredevil’s civilian alter-ego Matt Murdock, having already briefly reprized that side of his dual role in Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

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She-Hulk: Lawyer Creator Jessica Gao recently discussed Daredevil’s debut in Episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It,” and how the decision to have Matt Murdock and Jen Walters sleep together was made early on. “In the writer’s room, when we were breaking the episode, we were all really excited that they would connect,” she said. “He just seemed like the right guy for her. It was like, ‘OK, no matter what we do, all roads have to lead to their relationship.'”

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