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‘Secret Invasion’ Leaks May Reveal Its Surprising Place in the MCU Timeline

It’s been a minute since anyone saw Nick Fury.

Last seen in the credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home almost three years ago, Samuel L. Jackson’s mysterious ex-SHIELD director will soon star in Secret Invasiona new Marvel TV series coming to Disney+ in 2022.

The MCU’s most dedicated fans can tell you that it’s highly likely that Secret Invasion will take place after the monumental Avengers: Endgamewhich is not out of step with other recent Phase 4 releases. But leaked photos together hint at more interesting possibilities, including Secret Invasion perhaps take place much further in the future, or else in the past.

What happened? — On January 23, pictures from Marvel’s Secret Invasion were taken from the set of the current show Part of UK production and shared on Twitter by photographer Alan Milner (@almilner05).

The photos alone do little to spoil the plot of Secret Invasion. The footage captures Samuel L. Jackson in full makeup as Nick Fury, including his damaged left eye with scars and a very different wardrobe than he normally wears in the MCU.

Swapping out his black leather jacket and eyepatch for a fisherman’s beanie, greenish-brown turtleneck, and pea coat, Fury looks nothing like the badass he appears to be. Instead, he appears incognito, possibly even retired. But since this is Nick Fury we’re talking about, he’s unlikely to be leisurely strolling around West Yorkshire city centre.

Based on Jackson’s physical appearance for Secret Invasionthere could be more to the new Marvel series than has been suggested so far.

For years, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury looked like a SHIELD commando. Corn Secret Invasion slowly reveals a Nick Fury who is grizzled, hardened and less eager to look clean.marvel studios

Past versus future — What’s most intriguing about Jackson in Secret Invasion is his bushy gray beard and the absence of his signature eye patch. For starters, Fury has never looked so tough before. And with the eye patch missing, the series opens up the possibility of Secret Invasion occurring during or after The Winter Soldier, the last time Fury was seen without him.

Since Fury’s life just after winter soldier remains shrouded in mystery, Secret Invasion can finally answer the questions that fans have been asking for years. On the other hand, Fury’s unkempt facial hair could also mean the movie is set long after. End of Game.

Even in his recent MCU appearances, Jackson’s beard was always black and neatly trimmed. Fury’s beard in Secret Invasion looks more adult, and Fury is unlikely to use Just For Men. Fury may have just stopped caring about keeping up appearances after experiencing something like the Blip, so there’s also the possibility that Secret Invasion takes place further into the future of the MCU.

The Last Time Nick Fury Looked As Tough As He Does In Secret Invasion that’s when he ran away after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Will be Secret Invasion revisit this era in the MCU?marvel studios

the Reverse To analyse – More than any ongoing Marvel project, Secret Invasion was the hardest to crack before its premiere.

Based on the 2008 Marvel crossover by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu, the show will follow Nick Fury and his efforts to stop an invasion of shape-shifting Skrulls that have infiltrated every facet of Earth’s population. The comics had the Avengers fighting back, but with the MCU currently not having an active Avengers team, it seems only Nick Fury is on deck to stop the invasion.

Nick Fury and “mysterious” are synonymous. Despite his multitude of appearances in the MCU, so little is known about his life and history. Secret Invasionthe first Marvel project that could be considered a Nick Fury “solo” story, will most likely take place after Avengers: Endgame. And with so many confidential secrets in Fury’s history, Secret Invasion could finally provide some answers.

Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ in 2022.