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Scholarships that recognize students and the value of this place

By creating a scholarship for Canton High School graduates attending St. Lawrence, an alumnus of both recognizes the North Country and its unique promise for students.

“Well, I had a very good life.”

This is Mike Kitay ’62. His life began in Canton, New York. After graduating from high school, he moved from his parents’ house on Judson Street to student housing in St. Lawrence.

“Looking back, living in the dorms my freshman year wasn’t a huge leap,” he says, “but it was a good idea.” After graduating and passing his legal counseling, Kitay was accepted by several law schools. He chose the University of Virginia and thrived.

“I did everything,” he said. “I taught. I joined the Peace Corps. I was a lawyer in New York in private practice. And, when I entered government service, my job was so rewarding and the people there were so smart.

Recently, he started donating to Canton High School and it made him think.

“I was wondering if there was a way to give back to my high school and to St. Lawrence in a way that would benefit the University. And, of course, there were. It’s called the Michael ’62 and Evelyn Kitay Scholarship, and it will help St. Lawrence students in perpetuity.

Each year, proceeds from Kitay’s donation will be given to Laurentian students graduating from Canton High School or other schools in New York’s North Country.

The Kitay Scholarship joins the ranks of some of the largest and most sought-after scholarships awarded by St. Lawrence. This list includes:

The Augsbury/North Country Scholarship, established in 1974, has offset the tuition fees of hundreds of Laurentians from North Country schools.

The Virginia and Joseph McAllaster/Governor Scholarship – Established in 1988, this fund supports students with financial need who are graduating from Governor Central High School in St. Lawrence County.

The Elaine F. Viebranz North Country Scholarship Fund – Established in 1986, this fund has also provided financial assistance to dozens of North Country students.

The Allan and Catherine Newell Scholarship – Established in 1995, this scholarship helps students with financial need who demonstrate leadership qualities and are from the North Country.

“The impact of scholarships cannot be overstated,” says Florence Hines. As the University’s Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, she has seen how these funds enable more academically gifted students to attend St. Lawrence.

“For some students,” says Hines, “a merit scholarship is well-deserved recognition for outstanding achievement throughout high school. These funds recognize a student’s achievement and plan how those accomplishments will evolve even further at St. Lawrence.

For other students, she adds, “the idea of ​​a Saint-Laurent education is a dream to come true. And we don’t want cost to prohibit that. Need-based scholarships and grants make the University more accessible. Every dollar invested in a Saint-Laurent scholarship program allows us to create a freshman class where unique talents can be brought together without limits based on income.

She believes that every scholarship contribution is a statement of values ​​– about the University and its promise to help every student reach their potential. For her, these North Country scholarships convey an even deeper meaning.

“These special funds recognize the value of this place and what it can teach us all. There is a distinct perspective of the North Country shaped by the beauty of the landscape – our winters, certainly – but also the warmth of this community, year-round,” says Hines. “This place makes people strong and eager to explore it. Learning here is a combination of knowledge building and confidence building. These scholarships say, “This place matters because its people have so much to offer. » »

As Michael and Evelyn Kitay and their donations demonstrate, anyone can support the St. Lawrence Scholarships that help our students. Any amount can be donated to expand existing scholarships, such as those named above. To establish a named and endowed scholarship, donors can spread their donations over multiple years. Planned giving, which can reduce estate and capital gains taxes, is another popular way to support scholarships.

I was wondering if there was a way to give back to my high school and to St. Lawrence in a way that would benefit the University. And, of course, there were. –Mike Kitay ’62

To learn more about contributing to St. Lawrence Scholarships, please contact Terri Selby, Executive Director of Major and Planned Giving, by calling 315-229-5542 or emailing [email protected]