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Ricky Gervais’ 80s Pop Career Didn’t Fail

One day in 1985, Manila radio station 99.5 RT played a song incorrectly titled “Fade” by Medium. Of course, the song was actually “More to Lose,” but the radio station deliberately mistitled the track so competing stations couldn’t find the record. They even inserted a Station ID in the middle of the song so other DJs can’t record the show and replay it on their own station. Imagine working so hard to corner the market on David Bowie’s shitty impression of Ricky Gervais.

Inevitably, Manila residents rediscovered the true source of their New Wave sensation, and Seona Dancing’s “More to Lose” Apparently “became an ’80s anthem as ubiquitous as Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”… Its opening piano riff – conveying the sound of falling tears – became the soundtrack to countless high school dances at Manila, Philippines in the 80s and beyond.

The David Bowie dollar store really changed the course of Filipino pop music

Seona Dancing accidentally became a centerpiece of Philippine music history as they ushered in the New Wave sound at the dawn of a new republic.

To this day, the Filipino people still remember the emotional impact “More to Lose” had on the youth of a nation in flux nearly forty years ago. When Ricky Gervais was interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2014, he couldn’t wait to talk about Seona Dancing. He said of his time as an accidental international pop sensation, “I’m almost glad it didn’t really work out. If I was a rock star when I was 20, I would be dead by now… My mistake was that I wanted to be a pop star. I should have wanted to be a musician. I never made that mistake again.”

Photos of a slim and androgynous Ricky Gervais will likely follow Ricky as long as he continues to appear on talk shows and do specials on Netflix about his provocation. But while her music career was just a fun little footnote in her own life story, the impact she had on an entire nation of people halfway around the world will last. much longer than this slender physique could ever do.

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