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Raymant Marwah: Carve out a special place and name in the music industry

The music industry has been a great home for many talented musical artists. As a vertical, the music industry has provided tremendous opportunities for many of these artists, not only providing them with a livelihood, but also giving them fame, recognition and acceptance within the society. A closer look around us will tell us the real story behind the amount of talent embedded in our country and also in the world. Different forms and genres of music are now gaining traction among the masses of audiences and listeners. The new era of audience expects a great level of creativity and innovation in different forms of music that keeps music composers, singers and songwriters on the edge of their seats to create unique music. All new music artists today have to tickle their creativity captivating all listeners and attracting them. We met such an amazing talent proving his prowess as an emerging music producer, Raymant Marwah.

Raymant is a record label music producer and owner of Melody. As a music producer, he created haunting music which created an aura of his music. Melody house prepared captivating music, some of their recent songs like – Prem Dhillon, Roka, Dreams Unfold, Pani Waangu, Viah Ch Gaah, Kareeb, Naseeba and many more top the list for their enhanced creative music art in songs. Raymant now becomes an international musical personality for his work which shows his innate talent, creativity, pure music and passion which gives consistent performance. Nothing can beat talent, skill and determination for the job, which is demonstrated perfectly by the Raymant.

Being the backbone of any project, Raymant has worked hard to efficiently release a particular song or album. He really understands his role and plays it with ease to get the desired results. We hope he will continue to captivate many more listeners around the world by releasing mega hits in the near future.