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Racine plans to place surveillance cameras in high crime areas. The location of these cameras will be secret | Crime and courts

RACINE — Earlier this month, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers announced he was spending more than $600,000 in state dollars on public safety in Racine.

At least $250,000 of that money is to be spent on surveillance cameras to be placed in “high crime areas” of the city, as well as license plate readers and summer overtime for law enforcement. order.

The city is not going to say where the surveillance cameras will be placed or how many of them will be active in the city.


When the Journal Times asked the Racine Police Department where the cameras would be and how many there would be, Sgt. Kristi Wilcox replied in two emails: “The police department will not inform the public of where the cameras will be placed” and “Chief (Maurice) Robinson will not release any information regarding the tactics and strategies that the department font uses.

Racine police have been wearing body cameras since 2019.

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