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Princess Diana’s final resting place looks beautifully mystical in new photo

Rachel Avery

princess diana is buried in her childhood home, Althorp House, and the grounds look mystical in a brand new moonlit photo.

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Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, uploaded the photo to his Instagram Stories, revealing a view of the lake on the spot at night. The image captured the nearly full moon in the sky shining over the shimmering lake. In the background, a dense wall of trees creates privacy around the body of water and creates a picturesque landscape for the shot.

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Across the lake, not in frame, is the temple dedicated to the late Princess of Wales, which is a place for fans to visit and leave flowers and messages.

The 500 year old house is a Grade I listed residence and has 90 spectacular bedrooms and is surrounded by 550 acres of glorious grounds.

The moonlight illuminated Althorp beautifully

When the public visits the breathtaking house, it is an exclusive experience because Charles made the decision to ban photography inside the Northamptonshire home.

However, fans are allowed to take photos outside the family home, which means they can get a great shot from outside the building.

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The house includes a large bedroom where Princess Diana practiced her tap dancing and two impressive dining rooms, one called the Marlborough Room and the other the Great Room.

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The residence was actually the first place Diana met Prince Charles, when he was invited to the family home by his sister Sarah Spencer.

Diana is buried in her childhood home

Charles Spencer grew up in Althorp House with his three older sisters and inherited the family home when his father John died in 1992. Charles became the 9th Earl Spencer and set about renovating the family ancestral seat.

The property opens annually every summer and will close on August 29, so hurry if you want to check it out!

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