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Post-Apocalyptic Farming Sim No Place Like Home Is Just About Recycling

No Place Like Home got a new PC trailer ahead of its March release, detailing how players will use recycling to build a destroyed world.

Early Access Farming Simulator Nothing better than being at home gets its full release in just a few weeks. This unique spin on the farming simulation genre is part of a larger trend in games that is shaking up more traditional games. harvest moon Where Stardew Valley formula. Examples of these more inventive titles include slime breeder and My time at Portia.

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Awaken the Kingdoms shared a short trailer on YouTube showcasing the game’s unique aesthetics, gameplay mechanics, and features. Nothing better than being at home, it looks like players will be placed in some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland covered in junk and debris. Fortunately, they will be armed with a powerful vacuum cleaner that will allow them to suck up all the detritus and turn it into something practical or beautiful. Images from the trailer show off some of the game’s crafting menus, which appear to include things like chairs, sofas, and even wall art. As is usually the case with farming simulation games, there also seems to be an assortment of animals for the player to befriend and side quests to complete.


Anyone interested in farming simulators or indie games in general might want to check out Nothing better than being at home when it comes out in March. The game’s unique setting and selection of fantastic biomes apparently sets it apart from other games of its kind, as does the high-tech recycling gun. Only time will tell how the game handles its other core mechanics, but it certainly seems like an interesting title to watch at this point.

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Nothing better than being at home will be released on PC on March 10.

Source: Awaken Realms / YouTube

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