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Placing the Hospitality Industry on Household Electricity Consumption – Best Care Hotel to Government

The Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting the country’s hospitality industry, especially those operating in rural areas.

The already dire situation is compounded by the high utility bills these hotels are forced to pay.

An engineer at Best Care Hotel located at Battor in North Tongu district, Patrick Kobla Nusetor called on the government to subsidize the utility bills of the hospitality industry.

He specifically called on the government to help them acquire solar panels to help them reduce electricity costs.

Mr Nusetor, who was speaking with Joy Business at Best Care Hotel, noted that it is important for the government to step in and take critical action to ensure that there are interventions that would help the hospitality industry stay in business.

According to him, the government can also place such facilities on household electricity consumption other than industrial.

“We pay industrial charges and I pay ten times what domestic consumers pay, but at this critical time there is a need for the government to consider this to protect us,” Mr Patrick Nusetor said.

Placing the Hospitality Industry on Household Electricity Consumption - Best Care Hotel to Government

He called on the government to cut taxes and levies as a stimulus package to ensure the sustainability of the hospitality industry in these difficult times.

“The government needs to put in some kind of intervention to cushion us and boost us, other than that we might have to lay off some of our workers or probably go completely bankrupt,” he said.

Best Care Hotel HR Manager, Gala Jacob Kwadzo Bravo, speaking to Joy Business, noted that apart from other interventions, the government should also take a critical look at the deplorable state of the roads in the north. of Tongu, particularly in the district capital, Battor, where the Best Care Hotel, as well as the District Assembly, is located.

According to Gala Jacob Kwadzo Bravo, the nature of the road is very bad, which makes it difficult for visitors to access the area.

Placing the Hospitality Industry on Household Electricity Consumption - Best Care Hotel to Government

He noted that although the Best Care Hotel is located at a strategic point where visitors can easily locate themselves, the poor nature of the roads discourages some of them and causes the Best Care Hotel to lose customers.

He pleaded with the government to urgently look into the issue of roads in the district which he said can open up the district to more economic activities.

He said that at Best Care Hotel, the facilities are luxuriously located in a serene environment at very moderate rates compared to other luxury hotels which have high rates.

“The Best Care Hotel is located in a very serene area with luxurious facilities at a very moderate rate, even as low as 150 cedis,” he said.

Best Care hotel manager Robert Dey said that despite road challenges and related issues, the hotel is considered the best in the area when it comes to good food and drink at affordable prices. very affordable.

Mr. Robert Dey also noted that with the luxurious facilities at Best Care Hotel, organizations and government institutions can utilize the hotel for their programs and activities.

DCE for North Tongu District, Osborne Divine Fenu reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring facilities like the Best Care Hotel receive maximum support to stay in business.

Regarding roads, Mr. Osborne Divine Fenu noted that plans are underway to ensure that the district has good roads.