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‘Peril!’ Favorite Amy Schneider equals Matt Amodio’s 2nd-place record for consecutive wins

Amy Schneider has added another notch to her “Jeopardy!” belt with his 38th straight win, tying Matt Amodio for the record second place finish.

On Friday night’s episode, the defending champion raised $54,000, bringing her total earnings to $1,307,200.

Earlier this month, she became the fourth person and first woman to hit the $1 million mark. And just before the new year, she had the most consecutive wins of any woman to enter the quiz. She is also the first transgender candidate to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

In one Twitter feed Breaking down the night’s match, Schneider explained her strategy heading into the final round and the moment she knew she had it in the bag.

“So now I had a decision to make. I could have bet up to $40,000 in the final, and I really thought about it,” she said. “Maybe if I hadn’t been scared off by my recent big misses I might have had, but I’m not sure, it was just such a big sum to risk.”

Instead, she bet $25,000. “And I got it!!! Man, that felt good!

Jeopardy Amy Schneider Matt Amodio

“I kind of regret not betting the $40,000 (obviously), if I had I would have had the highest game total in the history of anybody not named Holzhauer” , she continued, referring to James Holzhauer, the contender whose third-place winning streak record she broke last week. “But it’s hard to truly regret what was still the 5th highest non-Holzhauer score of all time!”

Schneider ended the thread with a gracious note to her contestants. “Thanks (and apologies!) to Patrick and Brittany, they were both strong at first but I was just completely locked in for Double Jeopardy!”

After tying Amodio, only one contender stands against Schneider and his “Jeopardy!” crown: Ken Jennings, the show’s current host. In 2004, he set the record with 74 straight wins, which means Schneider still has a ways to go.

Schneider’s next match is on Monday, January 24. To connect, check local listings for times and stations.

Jeopardy Amy Schneider Matt Amodio