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Oxfordshire County Council: New developer parking standards focus on bikes, car clubs and public transport

Developers will have to follow a revised set of guidelines when considering parking arrangements for new developments.

Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet has approved an updated parking standards document which will be used to help determine the level of parking in new developments.

It also provides the basis for council advice to local planning authorities and can be a mechanism to improve cycle parking levels.

Developers are to work with the council to help achieve the targets set out in the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) which was adopted earlier this year.

The LTCP aims to create a net zero transport system in Oxfordshire by 2040.

Councilor Duncan Enright, Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy, said: ‘We know that in the future people will use cars less frequently. Our new standards put much more emphasis on bicycles, car sharing clubs and public transport than on multiple cars per household.

“It is essential to strike the right balance between providing an appropriate level and type of parking, while protecting road safety for all users and promoting active and sustainable modes of transport.

“We also need to be aware of the viability of new developments for developers and the people who will live there.”

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