Place residence

Now you can call a place your own, thanks to Hyde Park’s OOH Garden Lakes campaign | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

Fasten your seatbelts as we venture on a divine journey. Like a hidden sanctuary that extends into a distinguished place of Hyde Park West, Garden Lakes invites you to experience unparalleled tranquility. Stroll through lush gardens and venture to the lakeside. An integrated residence with a nature-inspired experience. A community worth a billion dollar campaign.

This campaign launches the first appearance of the new phase, Garden Lakes, following their last appearance, where they announced Hyde Park West. Cairo was filled with ads that used visuals of the turquoise hue with a hint of orange underneath; the scent of a garden emanates from this color combination. However, turquoise is ultimately renowned for its quiet impact on audiences, which is a central goal that Hyde Park developments wanted to follow this campaign.

Importantly, the 9-year installment plan with only 5% down payment that has been advertised throughout the campaign is a boon for anyone looking to make long-term investments.

See Out-of-home monitoring (MOOH), a media intelligence and analytics agency active in Cairo and Dubai, to learn more about this campaign.