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No safe place or time | Editorial

A nation already cowering in fear of the dangers of nighttime darkness must now accept that there is no safe time to be anywhere, including at home, on the streets, at work or in a store. .

A cursory scan of police reports of crimes this week alone reveals the impunity with which criminals move about in broad daylight, seemingly without any fear of being caught.

Around 4:15 p.m. Monday, Christian Kalloo was shot and killed by an occupant of a passing car while working at an auto repair shop in Diamond Village, San Fernando. Tuesday saw a real crime spree. Around 10 a.m., members of a Chaguanas family, including a female police officer, were robbed at gunpoint from their home by a gang of four dressed in what looked like gear. tactical police with badges.

Three hours later, places of business in Couva and San Juan were hit by bandits. In the Couva incident, three men robbed a supermarket and were arrested by police as they tried to flee. A soldier was among those arrested. Around the same time, eight men entered a warehouse complex in San Juan, in a three-ton truck and a car, and escaped with cash and devices after also beating and stealing terrified employees. On the same day, still in broad daylight around 2 p.m., three armed men stole $27,000 from a supervisor at a construction site in the village of Guayama, Cumana.

Then yesterday morning, at around 8.15am, Nicole Moses had just left her home in Westmoorings with two relatives, both students, when she came face to face with two armed intruders. She was shot and killed as she tried to run back into the house. His attackers were shot by a relative. Around the same time, a family in Alyce Glen, Petit Valley was robbed by a group of five men, one of whom was armed with a gun.

These are just some of the incidents that have grabbed headlines and speak to the state of siege families and businesses are currently operating in.

Armed gangs, mostly young men, roam the country in packs, looking for easy opportunities. There is no time or region of the country that can consider itself immune to this epidemic of crime that is destroying what remains of the public’s sense of personal security. This loss of peace is compounded by the chilling fact that in many cases the criminals are members of law enforcement. When the police and the thief become one, the space of trust is not only compromised, but corrupted.

Every incident mentioned above involved brazen daytime banditry. In several of the cases the criminals were caught by the police, which is cause for some relief. However, as noted by police, there is a marked increase in armed robbery which requires a strong signal from the authorities to stop it before it escalates. However, it will force the government and the police to admit that crime is out of control because their anti-crime strategies are failing.