Place strategy

Nemechek takes sixth place from Texas

· Nemechek brought his Tom Thumb/Albertsons Tundra onto pit road below the stage break where the #4 team was able to execute a four tire and fuel stop that sent him back onto the track in the lead.

· The 24-year-old chose the outside lane on the restart and raced side-by-side with the No. 17 from Preece through Turns 1 and 2 and down the straight until he could clear the No. 17 at entering Tower 3.

· The fourth warning of the night came out on lap 87 with Nemechek controlling the top position. Under caution, veteran crew chief Eric Phillips called the No. 4 team down pit road for a fuel stop only while the rest of the field remained on different pit strategies.

· After choosing to stop and lose his mind, Nemechek would line up for the restart in 27and. The talented helmsman again cut through the pack and found himself fifth with just five laps to go as the seventh and final warning of the night came out on lap 143, setting up NASCAR Overtime.

· Nemechek lined up for the extra-time restart from the third row on the outside lane but couldn’t force his way forward on the restart, taking the checkered flag in the sixth.