Place strategy

Miguel Oliveira shares the mentality and strategy that earned him sixth place at Silverstone

Miguel Oliveira took sixth place in the British Grand Prix in a race in which he started from 13th place. Speaking to Sport TV, the Portuguese driver was asked about his confidence in the final laps after passing Aleix Espargaro and Fábio Quartararo before attacking Rins towards the end.

Considering the current characteristics of the RC16, Miguel Oliveira explained that he needed to overtake in the first laps to avoid being “stuck” in a worse position without conditions to contest overtaking in the braking moments. Despite the difficulties, Oliveira is satisfied with the result obtained and also with the strategy applied, which left him less than three seconds from victory.

‘Yes, in the end… I almost always have to… if I don’t overtake in the first two laps, I almost always have to wait until the bike is a bit lighter so I can overtake under braking. We had too much pressure in the front tyre, too much temperature – normal. So, I had to be quite patient on those laps, trying not to let the group get away but also not doing anything risky, and finally having a good pace all the way. I think it was a strategy that paid off, but I would have liked to do it four positions down and maybe I could have fought for the podium. However, we left the weekend quite satisfied with the distance to victory. We will be motivated to improve on this sixth place,’ he has answered.