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Maybe a piano bar? New pub to take Murphy’s place

It’s unclear when or if The Lemon Squeeze will open, but the New Paltz Village Planning Board discussed the facility at a recent meeting. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Sodergren.

The old and beloved New Paltz Murphy’s bar will get a new life in the near future, but what exactly it will become is still unknown. The New Paltz Village Planning Council recently discussed a business plan for a restaurant and bar called “The Lemon Squeeze”.

Whatever new building will open at 107 Main Street will replace Murphy’s Restaurant and Pub which closed last year after 34 years of service.

These updates are still rumors according to Hudson Valley 1 and nothing is official yet. The new owner, Ed Carroll, made the request and sought approval to do the necessary work to open the building.

“After the last board meeting, the board members all agreed that they could not approve the application as they were still unsure whether the applicant was the legal owner of the property, or if he was authorized by the owner to undertake work on the property,” read a 94.3 Litefm article. Once this confusion is cleared up, the village can pay more attention to the application.

The couple looking to open the restaurant, Caroll and Gina O’Brien, met at SUNY New Paltz in the ’80s. While in college, they hit the city’s many bars.

“Each place had its own vibe and was successful for a while, or still is,” reads The Lemon Squeeze. website.

The duo set out to create something with their own vibe and stand out from the restaurant-bars that already inhabit New Paltz. They looked at the type of institution they enjoy now versus when they were in college. From there was born the idea of ​​The Lemon Squeeze.

“They decided that The Lemon Squeeze would be primarily a casual restaurant with a great piano bar,” continues The Lemon Squeeze’s website. “They will feature chef-prepared comfort food, delicious local wines and specialty cocktails, all to the sound of live piano, tunes from Broadway shows to Billy Joel. They hope Sinatra’s Sunday brunch will become a favorite among locals.

The name seems to pay homage to the popular hiking trail on Mohonk Mountain of the same name, “Lemon Squeeze”. The name could also be a nod to the pressing of lemons for cocktails.

These talks are still only rumors. Nothing is set in stone and nothing has yet been confirmed by the village. There is construction going on at Murphy’s old building, whether this construction is for The Lemon Squeeze or not is unknown.

“Little is known about The Lemon Squeeze beyond information on the app, including whether it is named after the popular Mohonk Mountain House hiking trail. The plaintiff, Ed Carroll of Huntington, was not present at the virtual meeting,” reported Hudson Valley One.

Whatever happens, The Lemon Squeeze or not, we hope that the establishment that replaces Murphy will serve the New Paltz community as effectively as its predecessors.

We hope it provides an environment that creates fond memories for all who go there.

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Jeremy Sodergren is a first-year journalism student at Central Islip, NY. This is his second semester on the Oracle team. He is also a member of SUNY New Paltz’s Absolut A Cappella and spends most of his free time sewing clothes. You can reach him by emailing [email protected]