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Marvels Spider-Man Remastered PC launched from #2 on Steam’s weekly sales chart

This is the only way to access the Steam Deck, which is still there due to a misunderstanding.

Before long, the PC version of Spider-Man Remastered was on the global Steam chart this week. This result was enough for the new one to take second place in Valve’s latest weekly sales chart, winning just because of a misunderstanding on the Steam laptop deck that’s still being considered here.

This week, many new products have been released on Steam, creating a rare situation: a chart where all the different types of projects have been completed from week to week. In addition to the remastered Spider-Man adventures, the board includes the Cult of the Lamb adventure about a cultist lamb, the city-building strategy Farthest Frontier, and the college president simulator. As for Cats in a cybercity, the attention of the project should be less: the game has gone from the leaders to the eighth position.

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