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Juan Soto has a recruiting pitch in place for a former star teammate

(Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images)

Trea Turner having an incredible year in Los Angeles with the Dodgers.

The former World Series champion with the Washington Nationals in 2019 plays on an elite team and cuts .301/.350/.474, with 11 homers and 17 stolen bases.

He also played excellent defense at the most important infield position.

He is on the National League All-Star team, where he will join his former teammate Juan Soto.

Soto and Turner, as well as Howie Kendrick, Anthony Rendon and Ryan Zimmermanwere the heart and soul of these 2019 National Championships.

The Nats, likely to fund a future Soto extension offer, traded Turner to the Dodgers with Max Scherzer before last year’s deadline, effectively beginning the reconstruction of Washington.

Soto wants a reunion with Turner

Despite evidence that Turner is in a better place now (to win, at least), Soto hinted that he wants to reunite with his former teammate and will pitch him.

“Juan Soto also said he might try to get Trea Turner to come back to Washington in the All-Star Game,” Nationals reporter Bobby Blanco tweeted.

Turner is a free agent after the end of the season, and while he will surely consider any offers that come his way, he has said he would like to return to Los Angeles with the Dodgers.

With this in mind, one must think that the Nats will not be in his consideration, or at least will be disadvantaged.

The 56-29 Dodgers are built for long-term success.

It’s fair to question the present and future of the 30-58 Nationals.

Even Soto’s future is uncertain, so his pitch will likely fail.

However, nothing is set in stone in MLB.