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Jonathan Terrell invites you to his “seat in the back”

Veteran singer-songwriter Jonathan Terrell keeps honky-tonk close to home — in more ways than one — in his infectious new song “Place Out Back,” which premieres exclusively at The Boot today ( September 8).

The track’s galloping groove, anchored by electric guitar and cleverly layered auxiliary accompaniment, echoes the lively electricity that wafts through the nighttime haze of a local dive bar. But before the lights come on and the party wraps up for the night, Terrell comes up with a particularly convenient alternative.

“It’s not much to watch / No, it doesn’t cost that much / But we can hear the band from the parking lot if you stand in front of my porch,” he explains.

“Have you ever lived in a trailer behind a bar in Austin, Texas? Well, this is what it looks like,” Terrell told The Boot.

The song’s accompanying music video takes viewers on a playful and slightly chaotic journey through the lyrical landscape of Terrell.

Watch the official music video for “Place Out Back” below:

“Place Out Back” is the final pre-release single from Terrell’s upcoming EP, A couple, 2, 3which is due out September 9 via Range Music. The project was recorded at Modern Electric Studios in Dallas, Texas, and produced by Beau Bedford of the Texas Gentlemen, whose most recent work includes Sunny Sweeney’s forthcoming album. Married alone.

Terrell will act as support for Midland on certain dates of their The last resort: greetings from Tour, including stops in Washington and Utah later this year. You can find a full list of upcoming tour stops and ticketing information at Jonathan Terrell official site.

Jonathan Terrell, A couple, 2, 3 List of tracks:
1. “Samantha”
2. “I know”
3. “Paint by lightning”
4. “Texas”
5. “Put in the back”
6. “Better for you”

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