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John McNeil Studio visits where great ideas go to die with latest campaign for Smartsheet – Marketing Communication News

Where do discarded ideas go and why do they go there? Smartsheet offers the surprising answer in a playful new campaign, created by a creative and strategic branding company Studio John McNeil (JMS). The campaign, a multi-faceted program that leads with high-profile video and social media assets, is extended and supported by rich interactive media that inspires audiences to discover their own process powers. The campaign demonstrates why Smartsheet for Business’s dynamic suite of features supercharges business processes and enables any business to turn its best ideas into reality.

Long used as an effective solution for project management, Smartsheet has found itself losing ground to a slew of cheap and colorful competitors. Seeking to reassert their superiority in a suddenly crowded category, Smartsheet turned to JMS, which created a campaign that not only differentiated Smartsheet from the pack, but helped them learn more about the unique needs of project managers in a changing workplace.

From a strategic perspective, JMS began by focusing on Smartsheet’s unique flexibility in creating processes at the heart of what project managers do – the planning, resources, and workflows that bring people together. people, put them to work and ensure they get results. “Thinking about the importance of the process, we started to wonder what happened to projects that didn’t have the right one in place,” says Studio Founder/CEO, John McNeil. “And that led to the idea of ​​a giant warehouse of failed projects – the place where great ideas go to die.” Doug Green, JMS Group Creative Director, adds: “It revealed a truth we can all relate to: the best way to keep your great ideas on track and out of the warehouse is to create the right process. with Smartsheet.”

The focal point shows this concept in action, taking us through the huge storehouse of lost ideas – ranging from the first electric cars to a misplaced UFO – which becomes a visual metaphor for the countless great projects and business projects lost due to the lack of collaboration, a sea of ​​useless meetings and no action. While the tour guide revels in these poor results, his guest, representing Smartsheet, has a better way forward. With Smartsheet, managers easily craft the right process to bring any idea to life, making the warehouse obsolete and a perfect place for the company’s pickleball court.

The spot is complemented by a series of videos for YouTube, Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as audio and static ads, all unified by a cohesive creative theme. “We found an interesting pattern to represent the power of the process – an interchangeable design system of moving geometric parts,” says Gerald Lewis, co-creative director of JMS. “He conveyed the process of ideas taking shape.” Further strengthening their connection with project managers, JMS worked with Smartsheet to turn a research study into an animated interactive quiz designed to gain better insights into how customers are currently using Smartsheet while educating them about its capabilities.

“Some managers start with the organization while others work from the due date. Some are focused on collaboration and communication. Others may be more focused on establishing their leadership,” said McNeil. “So we created a quiz to identify each person’s particular strength,” adds Green. “We renamed these traits ‘Process Powers’ and created a series of custom artwork for each power. Then we created a series of social media posts, animations and a video leveraging this art for encourage people to take the quiz and learn more about Smartsheet.”

This latest work marks another close collaboration between Smartsheet and JMS, following a recent campaign announcing the launch of their new offering, Smartsheet Advance. As long-time partners, the Smartsheet team stood together and pushed JMS to make the videos as entertaining as possible in order to stand out in what was becoming a crowded field of competitors.

“This campaign represents what JMS does best,” says McNeill. “Solid strategic thinking that finds the intersection of category truth and product differentiation, then brings that idea to life with powerful creativity that memorably taps into the psyche of our audience. Everyone had a great idea that died because of a bad process or no process at all – and no one wants to see their hard work disappear without a trace. To be able to develop this idea not just by creating a film, but by branching the theme into countless other mediums and tactics, shows the power and depth of what we bring to partners like Smartsheet, compared to more agency approaches. traditional.


Client: Smartsheet

Campaign: Energize your process

Spot Title(s): Untreated, Content Kills, Switchboard, Crash, Games Over

Air date: August 18, 2022

Brand Company: John McNeil Studio

Chief Strategy Officer: John McNeil

Executive Director, Brand Strategy: Sonia Minden

Co-ECD, artistic director: Gerald Lewis

Group Creative Director, Writer: Doug Green

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Mike Pearson

Associate Creative Director/Screenwriter: Justin Miller

Production Company: Annex

Director/DP: John McNeil

Executive Producer: Katy Hallowell

Main producer: Paul Grimshaw

Production designer: Dwane Platt

Clothing designer: Suchandra Bullock

Publisher: Stephen Berger

Composer: Steven Emerson

VFX Supervisor: Craig Hayes

Colorist: Josh Blackman

Sound mixing: Stephen Thorpe

Source: John McNeil Studio