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Jamie Lipovsky in the right place at the right time – The Morning Sun

In a world that needs heroes, Harrison’s Jamie Lipovsky is exactly that.

A real life hero.

On Tuesday night, Lipovsky helped save the life of 2-year-old Harrison by performing life-saving CPR after the child stopped breathing.

The science teacher and head coach of Harrison High School was walking home from football practice and approaching his driveway when he saw a neighbor in distress. So, being a good neighbor, he stopped to see what was going on. Since it was the neighbor’s child who was not breathing, Lipovsky started CPR and likely saved the child’s life.

“It was in the right place at the right time,” Lipovsky said Thursday afternoon. “I was delayed in training, so I was coming home later than usual. A few driveways before my driveway I saw my neighbor’s car sitting there and thought “that’s unusual unless she’s over there getting her mail”. But she was on all fours and I thought she was vomiting. Then she looked up and I saw her child, so I stopped and stopped.

“She said ‘save my baby, the baby is choking, not breathing.’ The baby’s face was blue They were talking to 911 and the 911 person said to give him rescue breathing I did CPR and gave him rescue breathing and his eyes opened on the first breath and I thought that was a positive sign.On the second (rescue breath) his chest started to move.

Initially, the child was rushed to hospital for medical attention, but Lipovsky said the child is now back home in Harrison.

“There are so many factors that come into play,” said Lipovsky, a 1989 Harrison graduate who has taught at his alma mater for the past three decades. “The mother calls 911 and drives to the end of the driveway. Me, held back at the end of practice for this and that. A lot of little things put me on the right track to being there at the right time.

Amen for that.