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‘It’s scary’ – Neighbors living in Perry Place community fight plan for new homes

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Neighbors living in a neighborhood in Horry County are coming together to speak out against a project that could impact their quality of life.

A plan to bring more than two dozen new homes to the Perry Place community has people living there worried about what it could mean for the flooding problems that already exist.

“When it rains there are puddles and it overflows,” said Sebastian Davis, who moved into Perry Place in 2013. “It’s dangerous.”

Davis has plenty of experience over the years driving through what looks like a river in front of his house.

It all culminated in October 2015.

“The water got so high on my Toyota Tacoma, there was rust on the battery,” Davis said. “It was scary. We stayed two days, trapped.

Those flooding issues are why Davis and his neighbors were shocked when they received a letter in the mail saying a developer was planning to add more than two dozen new homes along West Perry Road.

“They’re talking about cutting down some of these trees, and we’ve had major flooding on this street with the way the wetlands are right now, and we don’t want them disturbed,” Davis’s neighbor Ruth said. Hartwick.

The engineer, Steve Powell, told the Horry County Planning Commission that he was aware of the flooding issues and thought he knew what was causing the problem.

“The problem is we had five ponds around here that were interconnected by pipes,” Powell said at a planning commission meeting on April 7. “We replaced these pipes in 2012, but they continue to proliferate and clog.”

Powell’s plan is to drain the five small ponds when they add the new homes and connect all the drainage to a much larger pond farther from the property.

Horry County staff recommended disapproval, while the county planning commission recommended approval, meaning it was a divisive issue as he headed to county council for a big final vote.

“Until they can show me that they are going to solve the existing problem without creating a new problem with the new houses that they are supposed to put in there, then I am not going to pass it,” said the adviser of the County Horry, Johnny Vaught. , which represents the region.

Davis hopes all the powerhouses will take a second to put themselves in his shoes before casting their vote.

“The possibility of a flood, and you couldn’t get your loved ones out, let alone yourself,” Davis said. “We are talking about children and the elderly. Don’t they value something in this community? »

Davis says several neighbors were planning to go to Horry County Council to fight the rezoning, however, Vaught says the big vote will be postponed because the engineer is out of town.

That means they’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what the future holds for West Perry Road.

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