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Is there a place for us in the Democratic Party? – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Tom Caggiano said in his guest review on October 21, “That life begins at conception is another opinion, a religious belief, not a scientific fact.” The scientific facts are that 5,212 biologists representing 95% of biologists who responded to Steven Jacobs’ survey affirmed the biological view that “human life begins at fertilization” ( In 1859, the American Medical Association recognized the same as documented by the American College of Pediatrics ( The scientific fact that human life begins at fertilization/conception has been known for over 160 years.

In the United States, approximately 59% of abortions are now performed with abortion pills and 40% are performed by D&C or D&E suction procedures – the latter two abortion procedures involve dismembering the unborn child while he is still alive. ( Contrast that with Colorado’s signing of SB20-100, repealing the death penalty in Colorado in which three men on death row had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment with the statement, “the commutations of these despicable and guilty individuals are compatible with the abolition of the death penalty” ( Is a society that chooses life for the guilty and death for the innocent sustainable?

But perhaps other Democratic leaders in Colorado have a better record to show. Nationally, every Democrat in the House and every Democrat in the Senate (except Joe Manchin) supported viability abortion ( – which Tom Caggiano told us was 24 weeks his September 26 guest review. This contrasts with the fact that up to 71% of Americans say that abortions should only be allowed during the first three months of pregnancy – with the exception of cases of rape, incest or life of the mother ( see the third slide of On the world stage, “…seventy-five percent of all nations do not permit abortion after twelve weeks of gestation except to save the life and preserve the physical health of the mother” (

What about Democrats at the state level? These Colorado leaders are equally extreme on abortion since the only Colorado signatories to HB22-1279 were each Colorado Democratic lawmakers. This new Colorado law states: “Every pregnant person has the fundamental right to continue her pregnancy and to give birth or have an abortion; and a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus has no independent or derivative rights under state law. No Republican voted in favor of this law.

I ask anyone willing to contact me at [email protected] to please help me understand why all these Colorado and national Democratic leaders have become so out of touch with the American public and around the world, that they support abortions after 12 weeks. If your explanation is similar to Tom Caggiano’s statement in his Sept. 20 guest opinion that “abortion providers provide a much-needed health service,” you should know that it flies in the face of the study. 31-year-old scientist performed in Denmark on more than a million people. women who found for women that “increased risks of death were 45%, 114%, and 191% for 1, 2, and 3 abortions, respectively, compared with no abortion” ( Similarly in the United States, “as the second trimester progresses, in the vast majority of uncomplicated pregnancies, the maternal health risks of undergoing an abortion outweigh the risks of carrying a pregnancy to term” ( Science shows that abortions harm the mother – and they kill human life, whether that life is a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus. Abortions are the opposite of a good health service.

Or maybe someone could answer Kristen Day’s question for me (Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America, Daily Mail, May 6, 2022). She asked, “Mr. President, 20 million pro-life Democrats are not MAGA extremists. Is there still a place for us in the Democratic Party? … Pro-life Democrats found themselves with no one wanting to vote after we watched for years as our party gradually drifted away from us.

Lloyd Benes is a retired mechanical engineer, resident of Loveland.