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India’s Team Soul take 13th place at the end of the first day of PMWI 2022

Thailand’s Vampire Esports team put in an incredible performance on Day 1 of the PMWI 2022 Main Event, topping the overall standings with 86 points. Meanwhile, Indian team Team Soul did not have an ideal performance and were in 13th position with 28 points.

The team was eliminated earlier in several matches as they only got 14 placement points. Meanwhile, Pakistani team 52 Esports were just five points behind them in 14th position.

Team Soul’s performance during PMWI Day 1

PMWI Day 1 Ranking (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMWI Day 1 Ranking (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Team Soul’s opening performance was average, finishing in fifth place with nine points and three kills. The team landed at their usual drop location around Gataka and encountered no opposition in the early stages.

However, once two of their members in Goblin and Akshat landed in Rozhok, Stalwart Esports was quick to capitalize on and eliminate them. Meanwhile, Hector was caught by VgsYaFoz while spinning, while Omega somehow survived until he was taken out by Pika.

The drop clash took place between Team Soul and Box Gaming in Picado during the second match, which took place in Miramar. The former lost three players in the battle while Hector got out of the fight. However, he didn’t survive long as the team only collected three points and two kills.

Game two saw Stalwarts Esports once again rush their opponents. Despite a decent display, Team Soul ultimately fell apart as Omega was taken down by vgsgadafi. They only accumulated two points in the game.

After Game 3, the team had a total of 14 points, 50% of which came from eliminations. In the fourth fight, Team Soul was a three-man unit in the center of the Fifth Security Circle near Pochinki, but their split strategy didn’t work well, resulting in back-to-back eliminations. At the end of the procedure, they could only claim four points.

Although they were caught entering the sixth zone, the team managed to get eight points and four eliminations in their fifth fight.

Game 6 saw Team Soul eliminated by 4Rivals near Prison and picking up only two points. Due to the circle change, the side again did not last long. However, there are 12 games left in the PMWI Main Event, with lower teams having a chance to move up the ladder.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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