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Indianapolis Church continues to keep COVID-19 precautions in place

INDIANAPOLIS — Many people have been eager to get back to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but Crossroads AME Church in Indianapolis is embracing the new normal.

“We want to provide as many options as possible to all of our members,” said Jerry Davis, the church’s pastor. “We are confident that the way we worship in the future will not be the same as in the past.”

Crossroads AME offers in-person worship, but unlike many places across the city, COVID-19 precautions are still fully enforced. It’s something the church says the members want.

“Even though the rules have changed, we still want to make sure we stay safe and protect our members,” said church member Robin Nicholas. “We hope that by doing this more and more people will start coming because they feel comfortable because there are still rules.”


Congregants attend a service at Crossroads AME Church in Indianapolis.

The church also still offers a virtual option. This addition to normal church worship has been embraced by members and people who don’t even live in Indianapolis.

“Some have embraced a weekly virtual option,” Davis said. “Some have also adapted to a monthly virtual option. They will worship in church maybe once or twice a month, then they will worship from home once or twice a month, and we can actually see a rotation that the members have adopted for themselves.”

Changing the way they worship brought new members into the congregation. Davis said it allowed the church to expand its community involvement.

“It broadened our horizons to serve the community,” Davis said. “We have found it a blessing, in fact, not to be able to be in our sanctuary and in our building as we have been used to so much more of our activities taking place within the community.

The church will likely continue to keep COVID-19 precautions in place for the time being. However, Davis said he was happy the church could serve the community in new and innovative ways.

“There’s no one way to serve people and I think this pandemic has forced us to look at these other places to use to serve our congregations,” Davis said.

The church is still practicing social distancing and asking people to wear masks when worshiping. They say several churches in the community are doing the same thing. To know more about the church Click here.