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Hughes recredited as healthy workplace

Healthy Place to Work was launched in 2021 as the global standard for occupational health certification by John Ryan, providing a strategic, evidence-based, data-driven approach to organizational health and wellbeing.

To be certified, an organization must engage its employees in completing a rigorous survey covering four pillars – purpose, mental resilience, connection and physical health – to gather information about their work experience. The organization then receives actionable insights from the results and a development plan providing practice benchmarks, detailed feedback on identified strengths and weaknesses, and paths for improvement. An organization becomes certified when the actionable information can be considered to have been satisfied.

John Ryan, CEO of Healthy Place To Work, said: “I am delighted to recognize Hughes Insurance as a Healthy Place to Work for the second consecutive year. It is imperative that business leaders prioritize the health and well-being of staff and take a strategic approach to doing so.

Bernie McHugh Sonner, Director of Operations and Customer Services at Hughes Insurance and Peter Morris, Director of Marketing at Healthy Place to Work

“Healthy Place to Work offers this approach and helps organizations focus on improving employee health and performance.”

Bernie McHugh Sonner, Director of Operations and Client Services at Hughes Insurance, said: “I am proud that Hughes Insurance has become the first organization in Northern Ireland to be recognized as a healthy workplace for two consecutive years. We have always prioritized the health of our employees and again, the data we received from the Healthy Place to Work process allowed us to measure the impact of the actions we took to improve the well-being of our staff.

“Following our participation in the process last year, we have updated our health and wellness strategy. Over the past year we have seen how much this has benefited our employees and we are extremely happy to be certified again this year. »