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How to build a base and place the heart of the castle

Developed by Stunlock Studios, V Rising is definitely the indie favorite of the month. This vampire-themed MMORPG tore up Steam maps, thanks to its fun PvP elements and co-op base-building mechanics. If you’re new to the game, however, there are a few things to keep in mind when building your castle. Here is how to build a base and place the Castle Heart in V Rising.

Place the heart of the castle in V Rising

Image source: Stunlock Studios

At the start of the game, you will be given a series of simple objectives to follow as you learn the various mechanics of V Rising. Eventually, you’ll be tasked with placing the Castle Heart somewhere on the ground to begin building your base.

To build the heart of the castle itself, you will need 240 stones and 30 essence of blood. Stones are obtained by breaking rocks you see in the open world, while Blood Essence is obtained by killing or feeding on enemies. Once you have the materials, press B to open the build menu, select the Castle Heart from the Fundamentals tab, and press left click to place it on the ground.

There are a few conditions to keep in mind when placing the Castle Heart; First, you can’t place it on the road or in a body of water, and you need to have enough space around the core itself. Look for a clearing on the map and start chopping down trees and getting rid of rocks to make room.

Essentially, the more space you have, the better. You will eventually want to expand your base, so be prepared for your future expansion. Once you find a good location for the Castle Heart, place it with the left click.

How to build a base

Now that you’ve placed the Castle Heart, it’s time to start building your first base in V Rising. Here are some of the basic steps you need to follow to get a good functional foundation:

  1. Build your borders.

    Under the Fundamentals tab, you will find Borders. These determine how much space you have in your base and where you can craft and place items. You’ll want to claim as much space as possible with your borders, so start there.

  2. Build your walls and doors.

    Then start building walls and gates around your border for basic protection.

  3. Build a mist brazier.

    It will take you a little longer before you can build a proper roof to protect yourself from the sun, but in the meantime you can build a mist brazier to block out those disgusting UV rays.

    This will allow you to continue working in and around your base even during the day. You only need Bones to keep burning, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain.

  4. Keep tracking your goals and build a sawmill and a workbench.

    These crafting stations will serve as your basic base pieces, as you need a Lumber Mill to refine materials and the Workbench to help you craft better gear and items.

  5. Finally, don’t forget to power up the Castle Heart.

    Everything in your base is powered by the blood of the Castle Heart. Your sawmill will only work if the castle heart is powered up, so interact with the heart and input blood essence to make things work.

Basic layout

Once you’ve mastered all of your base-building basics in V Rising, here are some more advanced tips to keep in mind when you start thinking about expanding.

The first big tip to remember is that there are bonuses associated with the type of crafting stations you place in specific rooms. For example, when you build your first alchemy table, you’ll want to place it in a room with the Alchemy Lab floor in the build menu. On top of that, you’ll also want the alchemy room to be enclosed (meaning enclosed by walls and doors) for some nice bonuses like shorter crafting time and resource reductions.

Second, when building your crafting stations, you’ll also want to build several at once, and always keep expansion in mind. When building an oven, for example, you might want to build two or three together so you can refine more materials in a shorter amount of time. You’ll also want to build storage chests near all of your crafting stations and be sure to label them so you can easily access your materials and know which chest is assigned to which type of material.

Finally, as you try to maximize the bonuses you get from the floor and individual rooms, remember that you don’t need to surround an area with four walls and a door for it to be considered a play. You can use doors and gates to surround an area, and it would still be considered a room in V Rising. This allows for much easier access to the various pieces you have in your base, and also allows for more efficient crafting.

That’s all you need to know about how to build a base and place your Castle Heart in V Rising. Be sure to search emagtrends for more tips and information on the game.