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How the Kremlin symbolizes Putin’s power better than any other place on Earth

Vladimir Putin aims to demonstrate his military might in Ukraine, and despite fierce opposition from Russia’s neighbors, the world’s attention is focused on the invading country’s intentions of domination. The Kremlin, a huge bastion in the heart of Moscow, symbolizes Putin’s power better than anywhere else on the planet.

Built in 1495, the Kremlin has been inexorably linked to Russian authority for half a millennium. The former residence of the tsars who ruled the country before the communist Soviet administration is the central palace of the Grand Kremlin. The Kremlin today covers 70 hectares and has five sumptuous palaces, four magnificent cathedrals, an incredible armory and the private apartments of the president.


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The word “Kremlin” means “fortress, citadel inside a city”, and its name reflects its appearance. However, the five palaces of the Kremlin, among the harsh exterior, have a fair share of decorative elegance. The Grand Kremlin Palace, a 700-room residence of the Tsars of Russia in the 19th century and later the seat of Soviet power, is located in Moscow. According to, the massive structure is both a museum of Tsarist life and a testament to Russian military prowess.

Terem Palace is a multi-layered coffin construction that was the home of the Tsar’s family in the 17th century and symbolizes the royal grandeur of ancient Russia. Poteshny Palace is a sight of the Kremlin that served as a noble residence, comic theater and police headquarters on several occasions. This three-story structure was built in 1652 and is now a cathedral. The State Kremlin Palace, a Soviet-era building that now hosts concerts, is the Kremlin’s own Soviet-era monstrosity. The Palace of Facets, built by Ivan III in 1491 to house the imperial thrones, is the oldest centuries-old structure still standing.

President Vladimir Putin authorized construction of the Kremlin Heliport, completed in 2013, to ease traffic congestion caused by motorcades. The Tsar’s Bell, the largest bell in the world, is also in the Kremlin. The Kremlin Armory, which began as a royal armory in 1508, is also housed within its walls. He was in charge of making, buying and storing weapons, jewelry and different household goods for the tsars.

Putin is officially housed in a small indoor apartment, which is appropriate for his $125,000-a-year salary, although in reality he may be one of the richest people in the world. A well-known financial publication, Forbes, refuses to even estimate his net worth as they are unable to verify his financial assets, while his wealth is estimated at over $189 billion. The Russian president is also said to own fine watches, a fleet of yachts and a number of opulent homes, including a $930 million palace.

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