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Housemate told to ‘find a new place’ after calling host a ‘pervert’

A man has been called “perverted” by his roommate for having sex with his wife in the same house as him. The poster then quickly told his roommate, who he let stay with him, “to find a new place to live”. The internet rallies around the Redditor and wholeheartedly supports its decision.

The man posted the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the asshole” subreddit on February 4 under the username u/pentupjerkta. The post, which has over 13,000 upvotes, is titled “AITA for telling my ‘roommate’ to find a new place when he called me a perv?”

The original poster (OP), who is expecting their first child with his wife, allowed their mutual friend to stay with them after being kicked out by his partner. The man was also fired for nearly a year. When he asked to stay in their spare room for a few weeks, the couple agreed. However, it’s been a few months now, although the OP said it’s “no big deal, but we’re getting a bit impatient to get our space back. We told him he had to go out in two months because we’d like a little ‘baby moon’ before our child arrives.”

The couple, intimate on a daily basis, were overheard by the housemate one evening after he turned on the bathroom tap. When he went to ask how to turn the lights back on, the housemate was apparently “listening” to see if they were awake and heard them getting intimate, according to the Redditor.

A man has told his roommate to ‘find a new place’ after calling him a ‘pervert’. Here, two men face each other.

According to WebMD, research by the General Social Survey found that 19% of adults nationwide had sex two or three times a month. About 17% of adults had sex once a month and 16% had sex two or three times a week. About 25% said they had sex weekly and 5% had sex four or more times a week.

The next morning, the roommate spoke with the couple, and the Redditor revealed, “He was really uncomfortable knowing that we were doing this while he was in the house. I pointed out to him that some days , he did not leave the house at all. [most days if we are being honest], so it’s kind of unavoidable, his room is also on a whole other floor. He then said that for the next two months he would go for a walk once a week, so “we can if we have to”. I told him it wouldn’t work because it’s a daily thing.”

However, things did not end there. Apparently the housemate got “very upset”, demanding to know if the report was indeed true that they had been intimate every day for the last three months he had been there. The OP added, “and said that with my wife’s ‘condition’ he wouldn’t have expected it, and that I was a pervert. He then went on to say that we are both perverts for doing this while he is here and we violated his consent. I told him to find a new place to stay then.

With over 1,800 comments, people are completely on the OP side. Many Redditors thought the poster was right and that he wasn’t the asshole in the situation.

One user pointed out that the man lives with a married couple, asking, “Does he seriously expect you to be intimate only when he’s not in the house? Not like you do. on the couch or screaming like banshees.”

Some had harsh words for the roommate in the situation. “NTA, and shit, what a bastard to think that women lose all sex appeal just because they’re pregnant!” said one user. “I would be sincerely sorry for any woman he knocks up.”

A Redditor defends the OP and his wife, saying “if you can’t be comfortable and have privacy in your own home, then where can you?” But they didn’t stop there. “Besides, who’s the real pervert here – the married couple being intimate, or the man eavesdropping on them at the door?”

One person thought the roommate should leave, and he’s the asshole in the situation. “You and your wife seem to have a fantastic marriage, he’s the one with the problem,” they said.

Some had sarcastic comments about the whole situation. “How dare you have sex with your wife in your own home,” they said. “NTA [not the a**hole].”

Other Redditors were shocked by all of this. “Sorry what?” someone asked. “Since when [does] do married couples need permission to have sex? In their own home? Of their guest?”

Newsweek contacted u/pentupjerkta for comment.