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Honeytrap says there’s a place online where men go to cheat

A model who makes thousands helping women trick cheating partners has revealed one of the most common places she finds love rats: LinkedIn. Carolina Lekker, 25, a Playboy model with over 461,000 Instagram followers (@carollekker), recently made headlines for revealing she charges £1,400 for her services, and the women are happily spitting the silver.

The model will slip into their partner’s DMs, with unsuspecting men believing they have a date with a stunning model. And now she’s revealed where the richest men go to find a mistress.

“Yes, [LinkedIn has] much more [cheating]!”, she said. “Since most women don’t look at LinkedIn – just Instagram and Facebook – it’s a lot easier for them. [to not get caught].”

After finding the alleged cheater’s profile, Carolina will message him, biding his time until they make a lead. She said: “At the moment I only do it for close friends and their friends, so they give me their [the man’s] profile and make contact, try to talk about work, etc.

“Some are interested right away but they want to go out on dates. They say it’s wrong to talk on social media and then we already know what they are capable of.

Caroline Lekker (Jam Press)

“Friends asked me to meet men [on LinkedIn] because they felt that because it was a more formal platform, with jobs and achievements, the odds of finding a guy who would fall in love with the game would be tougher.”

The Honey Trapper only charges his full fee if the partner attempts to show up on the date and fails the loyalty test. And it looks like business is booming.

However, some men are more knowledgeable than others and will search for Carolina on other social media platforms to find out more about her. Carolina said: “Some prefer to be in more discreet places so as not to be recognized.

“And others take longer and go after other social networks, like Instagram. CEOs and powerhouse entrepreneurs are a few I’ve met, but they’re more low-key, lashing out at my profile on Instagram and calling me there.”

“If after talking a lot he wants to meet me, I get the money and he doesn’t pass the loyalty test.”

Carolina, who claims to have won over £7,000 with her unusual gig, has no plans to stop helping other women. When asked if she believes men cheat more than women – and why – the model replied, “Men always talk about their needs and what they want and it’s a lot easier for them to” getting sick” from what they have at home and from taking it out on others. people without caring about their partner’s feelings.

“As for women, they are more sentimental and think more about their partner.”

With several studies showing people are more likely to cheat in the summer, Carolina also recently shared the top warning signs your man is cheating.


She said: “Little lies, like names, ideas of relationships – stuff like that can indicate a traitor.

“A cheater will always say he’s single and not dating, in addition to coming across as an approachable guy.

“If he likes meeting and connecting with new people, then he’s a cheater.”


Carolina said, “If he invites you to his house, to a bar, or anywhere at night where he knows you’ll always favor him, he’s a cheater.”


Carolina advised, “He will always ask for pictures of you at different times of the day, especially while he’s at work.

“It’s the best time because he will be alone and he will rarely write to you when his girlfriend or wife is around.

“If he never shows his house or who he lives with, then that’s a red flag.”


Carolina said: “If he seems dissatisfied with his current love life on first contact, then he’s trying to come across as super vulnerable.

“He is needy and claims he needs affection and love – indicating a man who is probably cheating.”