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Highlighting National Safe Places Week

NSP, National Safe Place, Week is held annually during the third full week of March, with NSP Week 2022 being observed most recently, March 20-26. This highly recognized week honors Safe Place, an awareness and prevention program for youth in crisis. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the valued partners who work together to provide immediate relief and safety for all young people. It’s also a time to recognize Safe Place Approved Agencies, Safe Place locations, and community partners and volunteers. These individuals and groups are the pillars of force that support the national youth safety net.

Young people can encounter difficult problems during their young life, which often leads them to make difficult and sometimes dangerous decisions to escape their current situation. Sometimes young people feel like they don’t belong, and leaving home is often not a choice they want to make. Providing Safe Place as a resource for young people provides them with a safety net, strengthening families and communities while preventing victimization and further injury.

Women’s Center – Youth and Family Services (WCYFS) is proud to be a Safe Place Certified Agency for San Joaquin County, and is grateful to have RTD and Golden State McDonald’s as Safe Place partners.

Safe House is the county’s only emergency shelter for youth ages 12-17 and a designated safe place. This program is 21 days long and provides youth and their families or guardians with case management, clinical services and referrals. Safe House’s goal is to safely reunite young people with their parents or guardians.

The drop-in centre, The Spot, is also a designated safe place and provides a safe, low-barrier space for all young people aged 12 to 25 Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. At The Spot, young people have access to three meals a day, a shower, laundry facilities, hygiene kits, clothing, computers, Wi-Fi and a charging station as well as management services case and guidance.

As part of the celebration of National Safe Places Week, officials reminded young people that they are not alone and that help is available.

To access Safe Place, young people in San Joaquin County can:

• Contact any RTD bus or McDonald’s employee and express their need for access to Safe Place.

• Text TXT4HELP for information on the nearest Safe Place location.

• Call the 24/7 hotline: (209) 948-1911.

How does a community benefit from a Safe Place program?

• Young people can access help before their situation becomes a crisis

• Safe Place offers unique partnership and collaboration opportunities between businesses and social service entities

• Part of a national effort – a broad safety net for young people

• Provides children and teens with a way to access help when and where they need it

• Sends a powerful message that young people are valued

Women’s Center-YFS is San Joaquin County’s only provider of free, confidential shelters and services specifically designed to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homeless and runaway youth. Over the past year, WCYFS has provided services to over 3,500 participants through its various programs.

The mission of the Women’s Centre-Youth & Family Services is to build a stronger community by nurturing the strengths of individuals and acting as a catalyst to end youth violence and homelessness.